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PEDRONI Mate Team Test: A 100% Made in Italy Enduro

We tried the Pedroni Mate, a 29″ enduro mtb with 165mm travel at the rear and 170mm at the front. A real 'Made in Italy' gem.

Pedroni Mates (16)
Pedroni Mates (16)

Steering angle (°)Vertical tube (mm)Rear carriage (mm)Wheelbase (mm)Front / rear excursion (mm)
64,5°430 mm450 mm1230 mm170 / 165mm
size M

Pedroni Race is a fully “Made in Italy” company that follows all production processes at its headquarters in the province of Reggio Emilia: from design to mold to production. Over the years they have made themselves known for their professionalism in working with carbon, not only in the bike department.


Our bicycles are designed, produced and assembled in our factory in Reggio Emilia. Thanks to internal production, we are able to achieve excellent quality control at every stage of the production process – Stefano Giussani and Michele Pedroni, Pedroni Race


Carbon frame where you can see the visible fibers placed impeccably. Everything is very "raw" where you don't try to hide anything but, on the contrary, show off all the quality and passion in working with carbon.

Pedroni Mates (16)
The shock absorber mounting is perhaps a little rough but functional

The sections of the tubes go a bit against the trend with the modern lines where the circumference tends to be exaggerated more and more: if the design of the frame and the manufacturing of the carbon are done well, rigidity is achieved in the same way without going to oversize pipes. The connecting rod that connects the shock absorber, together with the rear triangle, are in aluminum while the front triangle is in carbon.

EXT suspension with the new EXT Era v2 fork at the front and the Storia Lok v3 spring shock absorber at the rear. The calibration of the shock absorber was studied together with EXT technicians to provide optimal basic adjustment by studying the compression curve of the bike. Michele is the first who can give important feedback on calibration, another important aspect in purchasing a handmade bike.

An interesting aspect of the Era fork is the presence of 2 positive air chambers which work with a high volume negative air chamber which is activated automatically: in one chamber there is the classic air which is used for compression, on the other you adjust the progression of the fork (the more air you put in, the more progressive the fork becomes at the end of the travel).

Sram GX and NX 12v mixed gearbox: a transmission that gets straight to the point. SWITCH components on the handlebar, stem and seatpost. Seatpost with 150mm travel. Wheels assembled with RADIALE X30 rim, 29″, tubeless ready and NOVATEK R25 Ergal XD hub.


In this test we naturally focused on the performance and characteristics of the Pedroni Mate. But for those who want to delve deeper into the history of Pedroni, and get to know Michele better, we are republishing an interview from this winter with the founder of Pedroni who, together with Stefano Giussani, started the renewed Pedroni Race. Michele Pedroni, in his career, also won an Italian DH title in the Master 1 category. Space for the video.


The Mate is offered in 4 models: Mate Elite (€10.900), Mate Team (€7.900), Mate Racer (€6.900 – in test) and Mate Bike Park (€5.700). To the official website you can find all the details of the various montages. Prices range from €5.700 for the Mate Bike Park to €10.900 for the Mate Elite with carbon wheels.

These are the 4 proposed assembly lines (any changes can also be evaluated directly with the company). The paintwork is also customizable, it being understood that Pedroni always pushes for the carbon look style, their trademark.


The Mate features durable geometries but not "truck-trailer" like some new generation enduros, which are designed more for professional EWS athletes (or EDR to be precise) than for amateurs who want to enjoy the bike. 29″ format, 64.4° head angle and 76° effective seat angle. Below are the measurements in the suit.

A. Seat Tube Length - mm430
B. Top Tube Length – mm602
C.Head Tube Length – mm100
D. Head Tube Angle64,5°
E. Seat Tube Angle Real70,5°
F. Seat Tube Angle Effective76°
G. Chainstay Length 29” – mm439
G. Chainstay Length 27,5” – mm436
H. Wheel Base 29” – mm1230
H. Wheel Base 27,5” – mm1227
I. Stack – mm623
J. Reach – mm455
K.Bottom Bracket – mm345
K. Bottom Bracket Drop 29” – mm25
L.Bottom Bracket Drop 27,5” – mm5
size M


Michele told me that the bike must turn everything into melted butter, even the nastiest rock gardens, and with this idea of ​​melted butter I went to test it. The bike naturally has a gravity inclination and the most fun is had on the descent. The first two outings were in the Bike Park, precisely in Fai della Paganella, where we managed to put together many descents together with Mirco Montagni and Enrico Rodella, CEO of BYB Tech srl (telemetry for MTB).

pedestrians test
Frame extrapolated from the TEST video (link at the beginning of the article)

In the first laps the sensations weren't optimal: the bike didn't give back energy and seemed too muffled. But after opening the rebound more (Michele had told me) the bike changed completely and I began to find a good feeling: even a few clicks of adjustment of the EXT, combined with the shock absorbing scheme of the Pedroni, feel a lot. The return of the shock absorber must be adjusted quite open (fast) to allow the Pedroni to give its best. In terms of low and high speeds, Michele gave me a basic setup (on EXT's advice) from which I didn't deviate much, except for a few clicks just out of my fussiness and curiosity. I must admit that adjusting the high speeds with the 12mm wrench took me a bit by surprise, but the next day we were equipped.

Pedroni Mates (16)
Ammo EXT History: At high speeds, the shock requires a 12 key to adjust

In addition to advice on the setup, after asking me for weight and other information, the bike arrived in a Tubeless setup with an insert inside. From here you can see the passion and love of an artisan brand unlike the big brands that cannot take care of these small nuances. All these details make the difference and are a plus for the end user, given that setting a top-of-the-range suspension like EXT correctly is not always easy and you risk losing your bearings.

Frame extrapolated from the TEST video (link at the beginning of the article)
Frame extrapolated from the TEST video (link at the beginning of the article)

We were very positively surprised by the feeling of the new EXT Era, even if the setup at the beginning might not be very simple for a non-fussy/on-the-job rider. The first part of the stroke is very sensitive, from fork to spring, but in the final part (if calibrated correctly) it returns the typical progressiveness of the air. I have already found excellent sensations following the pressures recommended by the parent company.

Pedroni Mates (16)
Pedroni Mates (16)

I really like the Magura MT5 brakes as a braking feeling: beautiful direct and full-bodied with always full braking. Of course, these are 4-piston brakes, perfect for Enduro use. I have always felt good with Magura, even on the bleeding side, the only thing being the levers which are not very resistant and with a not so cheap list price.

When pedaling, the EXT spring shock absorber does not have a firm calibration like other air models (although good) but this does not enhance the Mate when pedaling decomposed/standing up, even if it remains fully within the average of the Enduro category. If, however, you are composed and seated, the bike sits in the SAG position and stays still, giving better sensations.

The Mate is an enduro bike that excels downhill: like other modern enduros, you have to trust and understand that the higher the speed, the more the sensations increase (up to a certain point of course because it takes a moment to get it in the face). The frame and wheelbase values ​​are important and these are reflected in a firm and stable bike on bumps. We also find this stability in jumps and in the most critical phases, thanks also to the spring shock absorber which amplifies these sensations of melted butter.

Frame extrapolated from the TEST video (link at the beginning of the article)

In terms of handling there are no particularly weak points: used on natural paths it is enjoyable and high-performance, excellent for competition or for pure simple fun. I didn't like the Continental Kriptotal, especially at the rear: at the front the Argotal 2.4″ model has excellent grip and supported shoulders, while the Kriptotal 2.4″ at the rear never gave me the right feeling. Once the rear loses grip, it's not clear how to recover it and it doesn't give the optimal feeling. The Mate has high limits and it is a shame not to completely trust the tire: it must be said that Pedroni can offer alternative tires such as the Scorpion model by Pirelli.

Frame extrapolated from the TEST video (link at the beginning of the article)

But why then is there a Michelin mounted here? I conclude the test by recounting a bad event: at Paganella we broke a rim after a truly unfortunate hit on a stone. We managed to draft the rim on the side beyond recovery. All without cutting the tire: a true masterstroke. So we were forced to end the test with a spare tire. And I can already hear Michele Pedroni's curses echoing in the valley.

Nothing to say about the Switch components: handlebar, stem and seat post do what they are supposed to do. Perhaps the remote control is not aesthetically beautiful but, if desired, it can be replaced with some more ergonomic Switch model. But it is more of an aesthetic factor than a functional one.

Pedroni Mates (16)
Selle Italia as a saddle brand
Particular signs CUSTOMER CARE
The fact of being able to customize the bike and follow its construction, as well as receiving advice on settings or components when choosing, is a plus that the more famous brands cannot offer.
+ Stability on wrecks. Suspension quality. Made in Italy
- Lack of a bottle cage. Continental Kryptotal tire not incisive. Old style remote control.
€ 6.900,00
Official Website:  
Weight (without pedals)16,5kg
ForkEXT ERA V2, 170mm, 29″, tapered, 110x15mm, 170mm
Shock absorberEXT STORY LOK V3, 230x65mm (170mm)
HandlebarSWITCH alu Whip 35
Handlebar stemSWITCH Toboggan 35mm
wheelsRADIAL X30, 29″, tubeless ready
(with NOVATEK R25 Ergal XD hub)
ServiceCONTINENTAL Kryptotal or PIRELLI Scorpion Enduro Soft 29×2.4
Rear gearboxSRAM GX Eagle 12S 52T
commandsSRAM NX Eagle 12S Trigger
Buy BoxesSRAM XG-1275 Eagle 12S
DiscsCLARKS CFR-06 Floating disco (203mm)
Rolling mill chocksTRUVATIV Descendant 6k Eagle DUB direct mount (175mm – 32T)
seatpostSWITCH swr 150mm
SellaSELLE ITALIA Model X green Super Flow
ColorCarbon Black

The verdict

A modern Enduro Made in Italy

The Pedroni Mate is an enduro built entirely in Italy, thanks to systems of excellence in carbon construction: all production processes are controlled by Pedroni, maintaining quality and assistance at the highest levels. Stability on the rough terrain is the strong point of the Mate, without this negatively affecting handling. The price is also at the levels of the other competitors, with the difference that there is a much different production process behind it and loyalty towards the company at the highest levels.

Written by I am a fan of everything that has 2 wheels: at a young age I practiced road and track cycling (Italian Allievi champion). At the age of 18 I passed into the cross country competing at national/international level as an Under23. Past Elite, I made the choice to take things more lightly from a training point of view, and my love for gravity disciplines was born, training me as an FCI MTB instructor and guide. Now I have made passion my profession by managing 2 MTB centers on the island of Elba (Bike Center Elba and Elba MTB), creating the FANTAmtb and telling in an ironic but professional way everything that revolves around MTB thanks to 365mountainbike and 365TV (YouTube'PULITI dentro BIKER fuori').


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