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Clan 2 Northwave, the flat shoe with Michelin technology.

The collaboration between Northwave and Michelin has produced this Clan2, a shoe dedicated to flat pedals, excellent for grip and stability, especially when going downhill, the terrain favored by the majority of bikers who use this type of shoe.

Spring was Flat..

If from a meteorological point of view, this spring has been anything but flat, as far as cycling outings are concerned, however, I wanted to experience the thrill of free riding, taking this bike to test Clan2 for almost a month on the trails of Lake Orta.

The technology

Footwear is increasingly a concentration of technological solutions that must best combine comfort, rigidity and driving sensitivity; so there are many solutions also adopted on this product.

In recent months I have had the opportunity to meet with some technicians from JV international on their contribution to the creation of soles for Michelin. The result was an interesting in-depth analysis in which it was explained to me how the development of each sole always starts from the directives of the shoe company. Therefore the use of the tires, their distribution on the soles of the feet and the tread itself changes from shoe to shoe, adapting to specific needs.

The process was the same for this Clan 2 too, so we find a shoe with a specifically designed tread, with a smooth part in the support area and with a series of lugs that allow for more grip on the toe when walking uphill and grippy downhill. Thus guaranteeing safety when walking and freedom of support, a true peculiarity of the Flat models.

There's more than just the sole

We find a structure with greater support in the middle part of the shoe, capable of creating support for the arch of the foot which is very important for activating the muscles both in the pedaling phase and in the downhill phase in absorbing roughness, a fact which we talked in depth a few months. This technology, called theAdaptive shank,  It also allows for better distribution of tension throughout the shoe, to create the right support in the area in contact with the pedal to ensure better pedaling, leaving greater softness in the toe and heel. To complete the support and shock absorption project there is the interschool EVA, a now very widespread material whose force dissipation characteristics are widely known. To protect the shoe both on the toe and on the heel, a generously sized TPU insert has been inserted. Finally, the presence of heat sealing to reinforce all the seams and the extensive use of mesh should be highlighted to ensure the best breathability of the shoe.

The front reinforced with TPU inserts
The heat-sealed seams and generous mesh inserts to ensure breathability

The test

Flat shoes are created above all for fun use, highly sought after in bike park and for those who love jumps and evolutions, they guarantee a much more relaxed approach to the world of biking. Also for this reason, the style of this Clan also allows it to be used as an everyday shoe, comfortable and very practical for walking.

For a Flat shoe, grip is fundamental, the lack of a mechanical connection means that all the stability on the pedal and consequently the conduction must be guaranteed by the sole, which must necessarily be soft, to best wrap the pins. However, this must be combined with a rigidity of the structure, a fundamental element to guarantee optimal pedaling and to give support to the foot, in order to guarantee the best driving sensitivity. In fact, with a shoe that is too compliant you could run the risk of causing the foot to wrap around the pedal, reducing the possibility of optimally activating both the plantar and calf muscles, necessary to guarantee the right dynamism in shock absorption. In this respect this shoe performs very well. The adaptive shank has been designed very well, so we find good support of the arch of the foot, a solid base in the area under the pedal and two softer parts at the ends, which thus allow an intuitive walk.


Northwave in recent years it has implemented important synergies with partners such as Michelin, thus creating high-performance footwear. This Clan 2, included in the flat shoe segment, also allows for an excellent experience while riding a bike, especially in the riding phases of the vehicle, which is certainly a very congenial terrain for this project and the public it is aimed at.  

Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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