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MONDRAKER F-Podium Unlimited Flight Attendant: 20 examples in the world

The F-PODIUM UNLIMITED Flight Attendant is among us and, with only twenty examples in the world, it is the most "limited" thing that can exist.

Mondraker F-Podium Flight Attendant (6)

Twenty bikes that showcase the ultimate expression of technology and minimalist design, working together towards one goal: reading the terrain before you realize you have to, because every second counts.

Source: Mondraker press release

Mondraker F-Podium Flight Attendant (6)

Mounted with fork SID Ultimate/Luxe FA, UNLIMITED combines the Zero suspension system with the brand new Flight Attendant technology, which takes the suspension capabilities of the F-Podium to unimaginable levels.

La F-PODIUM UNLIMITED Flight Attendant it arrived just in time for the World Cup XCO e XCC in Mairiporã, Brazil. Brazil has had a special place in Mondraker's heart since Bec Henderson conquered here two years ago. his first World Cup victory XCO and the first for the F-PODIUM. From April 12th to 14th, Bec and the rest of the PRIMAFLOR-MONDRAKER-GENUINS team will push the new F-Podium + Flight Attendant combination to the limit.

Mondraker F-Podium Flight Attendant (6)

F-PODIUM UNLIMITED Flight Attendant is the starting point of a new design language that will be implemented across our entire XC range. The ability to control suspension characteristics wirelessly opens the door to a truly minimalist cockpit which, together with the chassis design, al Race-inspired RockShox Crush Blue / Carbon / Pure White color and RockShox's most advanced technology, it creates something truly special.

RockShox Flight Attendant is a fork and shock technology that uses an algorithm to automatically, and almost instantly, switch between three ride settings: OPEN for maximum shock absorption, PEDALS for grip while pedaling e LOCK for maximum pedaling efficiency; all without the hassle of cables, completely wireless and almost instantly.

F-PODIUM Flight Attendant allows you to predictively switch between suspension settings: Open, Pedal and Lock. Most impressively, the algorithm learns over time, analyzing your rides, riding style and the terrain you typically ride on to make smarter, more personalized suspension adjustments. In the tests carried out by Mondraker, it was found that compared to a cyclist who switches from one setting to another manually, this system made it 1,8% faster on average. It is a 96-second lead in a 90-minute race.

Mondraker F-Podium Flight Attendant (6)

Flight Attendant is predictive. Uses rider-provided information and terrain information to predict what is about to happen. Flight Attendant is adjustable. You can change the “Bias” settings to choose the suspension position the system tends towards and the speed of reaction. Bias settings can be changed within a range of “-2” to “+2”, where lower Bias settings prioritize comfort and traction and higher settings prioritize efficiency and power transfer.

When you pedal, Flight Attendant makes decisions that move the system towards a stiffer suspension setting, and when you stop, Flight Attendant returns the system to an open position for a more consistent feel on the trail. Furthermore, the fork and shock work independently to react better to what is happening at any moment at both ends of the bicycle.

To best customize your suspension settings to the way you ride and the terrain, F-PODIUM Flight Attendant is connected to the Adaptive Ride Dynamics app. This application collects data from previous runs, calculates which sections of the route will be high intensity, and continuously updates this data throughout the run.


Flight Attendant configuration can also be done via the SRAM AXS app. You can choose between 3 modes: Automatic, Manual and Override. With “Automatic” the Flight Attendant makes decisions for you and adjusts the suspension independently between Open, Pedal and Lock. “Manual” allows you to choose the mode using the buttons on the top of the fork legs or the AXS remote control. Override” blocks the suspension in only one of the three modes, deactivating the automatic mode.

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[email protected] I am a fan of everything that has 2 wheels: at a young age I practiced road and track cycling (Italian Allievi champion). At the age of 18 I passed into the cross country competing at national/international level as an Under23. Past Elite, I made the choice to take things more lightly from a training point of view, and my love for gravity disciplines was born, training me as an FCI MTB instructor and guide. Now I have made passion my profession by managing 2 MTB centers on the island of Elba (Bike Center Elba and Elba MTB), creating the FANTAmtb and telling in an ironic but professional way everything that revolves around MTB thanks to 365mountainbike and 365TV (YouTube'PULITI dentro BIKER fuori').


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