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GOPRO HERO 9 test: the queen of action cameras

Last September the new GoPro Hero 9 was launched. We were able to put Gopro's top model to the test, namely the Gopro Hero 9 Black.

The new GoPro action camera does not shrink in size but expands. Thanks to the front display and the battery with greater capacity (1720 mAh. The old batteries are not compatible). Now the weight is 158gr against the approximately 125gr of GoPro Hero 8 and the 116gr of the Hero 7.

However, it remains an acceptable weight even if in "extreme" positions, such as the front end in an open helmet or on a drone, it is felt, while in the chest or on a full face it makes no difference.

Now the Hero 9 is already inside its enclosure with retractable feet: so there will be no need for external cases. A much more functional situation. As well as the larger dimensions do not affect the use.

The increased battery allows about an hour and twenty minutes of 4K recording at 60 fps compared to about 60 minutes for last year's model.


As mentioned above, dual color LCD display. The first is the classic one, positioned on the back, which grows from 1,98 to 2,27 inches, while the second front display replaces the monochrome one present until last year (and absent in previous versions).

The front lens of this Hero 9 Black is removable: this feature allows us to replace it if scratched and to use alternative lenses (think of the Max Mod which further expands the viewing angle to 155 °).


Sensor completely renewed compared to the past that maintains the same dimensions but increases in resolution: it goes from 12 megapixels to 23.4 megapixels of the new, much more advanced.

New 'features' such as the ability to record videos in 5K at 30 fps and take photos at 20 megapixels, as well as extrapolate frames from videos with a maximum resolution of 14.3 megapixels. The sensor with higher resolution has in fact allowed GoPro to further improve stabilization.


GoPro's level of stabilization is always better, the real strength of this action cam: the micro blur is less and less noticeable and the possibility of activating the alignment of the horizon has been introduced. In this case the field of vision narrows further, while remaining sufficiently wide, but there will be tangible improvements.


Many new software features, such as the renewed GoPro Quik app, which allows you to create excellent videos without any specific skills.

Live Burst mode: activates in photo mode and allows you to capture frames up to 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the shutter button. In this way it will then be possible to always choose the best frame even with a not flawless timing.

Another function we find is the HindSight and it works almost in the same way as the Live Burst, but in video mode. Basically, if we activate it, we can decide to record and keep in memory the 15 or 30 seconds before pressing the button to start the capture. Obviously, the activation of this option involves a greater consumption of battery.

You can now also set timers, like in Time Lapse mode. Useful, for example, to capture a sunrise without having to wake up at 5 in the morning


We are talking about € 479 against the € 429 of the previous model. 50 € more which becomes 10 € if we consider that in the sales kit there is the hard travel case that is normally sold for 40 €.

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[email protected] I am a fan of everything that has 2 wheels: at a young age I practiced road and track cycling (Italian Allievi champion). At the age of 18 I passed into the cross country competing at national/international level as an Under23. Past Elite, I made the choice to take things more lightly from a training point of view, and my love for gravity disciplines was born, training me as an FCI MTB instructor and guide. Now I have made passion my profession by managing 2 MTB centers on the island of Elba (Bike Center Elba and Elba MTB), creating the FANTAmtb and telling in an ironic but professional way everything that revolves around MTB thanks to 365mountainbike and 365TV (YouTube'PULITI dentro BIKER fuori').


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