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TEST – Topeak Ninja Master T20: innovation and integration

The Topeaks Ninja series is another product designed to have more kit on your bike and less “tools” on your back.

Topeak Ninja Master T20

Topeak has created an integration system where we can add, or remove, many features. Just see the official Topeak website where you can see all the models.

We were able to try and touch the Ninja Master Toolbox T20, made up of a bottle cage and an integrated case that allow you to have everything at hand just below the bottle.


  • 2-L, 2,5, 3 (2pcs), 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Allen keys
  • Torx T10, T25
  • #2 Phillips / flat head screwdrivers
  • Spoke wrenches 14G, 15G, Mavic® M7, Shimano®
  • CrMo steel chain tool with chain tool
  • Stainless steel wire chain hook
  • Super resistant tire lever
  • Bottle opener with spoke holder
  • Chrome vanadium steel tools
  • Forged aluminum tool body


Installing this setup is as difficult as fitting a bottle cage to the frame. So nothing difficult. The only point to pay attention is on full suspension bikes where you need to make sure that the suspension does not come into contact with the toolbox.

The box containing the tools has a mechanical lever lid that ensures a secure, weatherproof closure to keep everything safe and dry. Possibility of attaching the case also to the frame using a special hook, where it is possible to extract it with a 90° rotation (Garmin style). The quality is high and the breadth of tools available is truly impressive. Always having everything you need on the bike without forgetting it in backpacks or bum bags is a nice plus. The only lack is a pump or a Co2, and then there is really everything needed to solve various types of problems (Topeak also has an extra tools with integrated Co2).

Possibility to also hang it on the frame


While you need to take care to make sure it fits your frame, Topeak offers a wide range of options for storing tools securely on your bike. The Ninja Cage project offers a simple and functional solution for storing the most important tools on your bike. The only flaw is the dimensions: if you are a fan of aesthetics you may not appreciate the dimensions of the kit, which are quite large.

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