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Test LEATT AirFlex Hybrid Pro Knee Pads: protection and comfort

We tried the new Leatt knee pads, namely the AirFlex Hybrid Pro model, excellent for all-mountain/enduro use at the price of €139.

Credit Matteo Corsi - @pejocorsi

With its extremely slim design, the Airflex Hybrid Pro is fully CE impact certified. In addition there is an additional anti-shock plating to cushion the most intense impacts.

leatt airflex ultra lite

In addition, the padding on the upper legs offers ample protection against handlebar kickback. Crafted from a soft knit fabric, the sock offers a high level of comfort, whilst its high stretch and knit fit allows it to adjust to fit any leg shape perfectly and to give added support and stability.

leatt airflex 3


The AirFlex Hybrid Pro knee guard combines perfectly with competitive enduro use and/or to have good protection in the event of technical all-mountain style rides or enduro rides with friends. It offers that minimum protection for intense use, containing the anti-impact "modules" in the focal points, namely: knee, upper tibia and finally the thigh, in case of bad handlebars. This last fact, due to the wide handlebars, is no longer an episode to be underestimated. Especially in the hectic stages of the races (the photos in the article refer to one of my races in the province of Verona, namely the E Ben Sa Ghe Enduro, where I used the Leatt AirFlex Hybrid Pro for the entire duration of the event).

The weight is 200gr each: a low weight considering that the most minimal solutions (like its companion Airflex Ultra Lite) weigh about 100gr each. The front protection is rigid, not in D30 or similar solutions, but they are not too impactful and consequently they do not bother pedaling. Even after several hours of use, you don't necessarily feel the need to take them off after each descent.

Breathability is excellent thanks to a knitted structure that allows you to wear them easily even on the hottest days. The sizes correspond to world standards, i.e. I usually wear size L and here I didn't go wrong with the L, unlike perhaps other brands. Naturally, like any knee brace, it would be ideal to try it so as not to find any nasty surprises.

Leatt always confirms itself at the forefront of its products and these new Airflex Hybrid Pros are also approved with flying colors.

Credit Matteo Corsi - @pejocorsi


The Airflex Hybrid Pro, in the Leatt range, has a protection score of 14 out of 25 and the price is €139.

– Total Leatt protection score of 14 points
- New vented mesh base layer for superior comfort
– New padding above the knee for handlebar protection
– Super thin AirFlex gel impact protection
– Sliding rigid kneepad for greater protection
– Tested and CE certified as impact protection: knee EN1621-1
– Pre-curved 3D design for optimal fit and function
– Knee protection from lateral and upper impacts
– Premium comfort thanks to breathable MoistureCool and AirMesh fabrics
- Silicone molded knee cup
– Silicone printed non-slip cuffs

For the full range visit: Leatt. com

Price: € 139

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[email protected] I am a fan of everything that has 2 wheels: at a young age I practiced road and track cycling (Italian Allievi champion). At the age of 18 I passed into the cross country competing at national/international level as an Under23. Past Elite, I made the choice to take things more lightly from a training point of view, and my love for gravity disciplines was born, training me as an FCI MTB instructor and guide. Now I have made passion my profession by managing 2 MTB centers on the island of Elba (Bike Center Elba and Elba MTB), creating the FANTAmtb and telling in an ironic but professional way everything that revolves around MTB thanks to 365mountainbike and 365TV (YouTube'PULITI dentro BIKER fuori').


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