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OSPREY Duro 6: Not just a Minimal backpack for Enduro

A term is in fashion, contamination; perfect word to represent this Osprey mini-backpack.

A product created for running and ultra trails which, thanks to the advice of Danny Lupato, I wanted to test on MTB; realizing that the distance between ways of interpreting the outdoors can often be reduced.

The backpack

As mentioned, it was created for runners who love long distances, so by default we find two 400 ml water bottles in the front part, but also a series of very useful pockets for enduro riders or for those who love to tackle long distances with minimal space .

Body-hugging water bottles eliminate the discomfort of cantilevered weight

400g of weight with the possibility of stowing a windproof, tools for repairs and power to stay charged for a whole day, this in short is the Duro 6, halfway between a backpack and a functional vest

The test

It has been my favorite choice for summer outings. Ultra light and with a snug fit that made it disappear as soon as it was worn. I appreciated the front pockets where you can collect the action cam and folding support for autonomous filming. But the bar also avoids hunger pangs or the 'gellino' to be used before a PS

An excellent choice even during long summer outings

But this product is not only useful for two-wheel YouTubers or racers. As I said initially, the very enveloping fit allows the rider to immediately become one with this tough 6, managing to ride with the typical freedom of a pouch, with the advantage of having a more homogeneous weight distribution. Furthermore, the construction of the mesh backrest allows for excellent breathability, with heat and humidity dissipation.

The detail of the mesh backrest, designed to dissipate humidity


Who can this Duro 6 be aimed at?

The competitive enduro rider can find a very useful product both for races and for reconnaissance days, when the absence of refreshments may force him to have a more abundant food reserve.

But this Duro 6 can also be an excellent choice for those who try their hand at Marathons, where eating correctly is essential, or for the hiker who loves epic rides lasting several hours without having to manage the bulk and above all the weight of a backpack .

Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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