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FOX RACING Hip Pack Test: Use the Hip Pack on MTB?

Today in Test an accessory that you either love or hate, especially on a bike. We are talking about the pouch, in this case proposed by Fox for Enduro/MTB use.


Let's talk about the fanny pack, for years relegated to a somewhat loser accessory or for not entirely repentant motorcyclists; but which has been rediscovered in recent years and is now an important and comfortable component, very often preferred to the classic backpack.

What is this?

We are talking about what Fox defines on its website 'lumbar hydration backpack'. Two resealable bottle cages, a two-litre IdraPac tank and a 6-litre object holder make it a valid ally for those daily outings where the use of a backpack would be excessive; all with a structure that uses rip-stop technology that guarantees greater solidity and resistance to breakage. Also very useful for tackling enduro competitions in the best possible way, having the necessary power supply with you and a first aid kit in case of breakdowns.


Very useful for video makers specializing in smart shooting during excursions, or for youtubers who in this way can carry light equipment more comfortably and with greater speed to extract it. It may seem like a detail, but the less time it takes to get the action-cam, the more relaxed you travel.

But apart from this element that certainly interests few of you readers; as mentioned, this pouch allows you to have with you the necessary for a daily outing without limiting the driving sensation. The generous band and the distribution of the encumbrance allow you to have the same sensation and the same size that we could have wearing a very common lumbar belt, so that movements and pedaling remain free and effective. Unlike the backpack, which weighs down on the shoulders, this 'lumbar band' in some ways can also help support the back in an area often subject to pain.

What can I enter

Also thanks to the new technologies in terms of clothing, with this fanny pack we can be self-sufficient and able to have everything necessary to protect us during our outings. A spare windbreaker and underwear are useful garments that can be easily inserted into the largest pocket, guaranteeing the minimum safety that is important on long tours. Therefore, a couple of bars, a multitool and, if necessary, two water bottles, as well as of course the indispensable windscreen, are the minimal kit we can count on to be able to travel in safety and comfort for an entire day.  

Price? 65€ and is available in single color (as per test).


Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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