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FOX Proframe: When lightness rhymes with safety

Testing one of the prizes of the Fanta MTB competition, the Proframe Matte Black helmet by Fox.

The start of the racing season is approaching and for many of us the scent of competition is raising the adrenaline level in the body.

But even if you are not an agonist you will have noticed that the days are starting to get longer and we are heading towards the resumption of raids with friends.

This is also the time when we return to paying attention to our equipment, to find a reason to buy the new Fox helmet.

Intro aside, for those who practice our sport, head safety is essential, for this reason it is necessary to carefully choose the helmet to which to entrust our safety.

This Fox Proframe Matte was certainly born as a helmet intended for an audience of enduro riders, its lightness, combined with the presence of numerous air intakes make it a very interesting helmet, capable of helping bikers not to go to the boil on long pedaled transfers.

But the evolution of e-bikes make them a very useful tool for this sector too, where more and more bikers are seen who do not disdain a full face even uphill, perhaps because they are helped by the engine to 'make less effort'.

The technology

A helmet in which we find some latest generation technological solutions such as MIPS integra; new solution from the brand that has been investing in research and development for years and is the reference point for safety. This new device is integrated into the helmet shell, allowing for better dissipation of the rotational forces caused by a fall.

Thanks to the Mips Integra technology, this helmet is able to better absorb the blows

The position of the vents has also been redesigned to reduce the contact points of the skull by reducing the contact points with the skull to improve heat dissipation. The padding is in material Ionic antifungals, the closure strap adopts technology fidloc with magnetic clamping and the adjustment of the rear stabilization is entrusted to Boa, a guarantee.

The test

To fully verify the true protective capacity of a helmet it would be necessary to center a head shaft, but you too understand well that this solution could be a bit painful for the tester ... so I will focus on comfort, field of vision and feeling of security that can give.

Wearing a light helmet gives an undisputed advantage in terms of fatigue and driving fluidity; in fact, every gram we place on our head negatively affects our neck and stabilizing muscles, including the trapezius which also has functions of stabilizing the shoulders and indirectly on the mobility of the arms. So the feeling of lightness you get when wearing this Pro frame is an objective element that you can perceive right away. Even if you shouldn't expect the enveloping sensation of traditional full faces, the overall comfort is good. From the point of view of the general sensation it seems to wear an open helmet but with a nice chin guard to protect our teeth.

Excellent visibility, with the upper flap that does not block the view and the very wide front that allows you to have a complete view of what is happening.

The high position of the flap allows for a large frontal area which guarantees complete visibility

Even the stability when worn is top. The micrometric adjustment of the back allows you to precisely balance the tightening managing to fix the helmet well without tightening too much at the nape level.

The back closure of Boa wraps the neck well without creating annoying contritions


A light helmet that knows how to convey a sense of protection at the top. A product that is primarily aimed at competitive athletes, but which thanks to its lightness and great ventilation can also be an excellent choice for Sunday enthusiasts and for those who climb by hooking the helmet to the backpack. The magnetic closure is a solution that has proved to be very convenient, allowing it to be fastened and unfastened easily.  

Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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