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FOX Defend Aurora line: For those who want to ride in style

Introducing the Defend Aurora line from Fox. A series of light products with a very personal style, for all those who love to combine quality with the desire to stand out


A line designed for the biker looking for the best technologies, with an eye for style and the environment. The line Aurora it has all these characteristics in itself, with a very captivating color choice, a fit that makes it a fresh and light product and the use of recycled materials that go in the direction traced in recent years to guarantee the eco-sustainability of the products.

The Jersey

A jersey made of material truDri, produced entirely starting from recycled products, which has one of its strong points in the quality of expelling sweat from the body. Featuring a cut designed for trail bikes, longer at the rear and with an optimized fit to comfortably accommodate protectors as well.

The shorts

A garment designed to guarantee maximum freedom of movement, combined with an excellent fit. These are the salient features of the Defend Aurora. A fabric TruMotion with elasticity in 4 directions, a buckle closure that allows maximum modulation, a perforated fabric to let the legs breathe and a fit that stabilizes the internal pad; complete the whole treatment in DWR nylon to make it protective against the typical off-road atmospheric agents.

The sensations

What a style! This is the first thought when I saw these products. Let's face it, we are Italian and style and 'poseria' are characteristics that distinguish us also and above all in our passions. So the chromatic element, the choice of colors and the cut of these garments have also been evaluated by looking at this aspect. So as I said, a stylish line, with a pleasant chromatic choice and which also has an extra element of safety, namely the abundant use of red, a color which, especially in the mountains, is one of the most visible.

Once worn, the sensation was that of having a product with absolute comfort and freedom of movement. The fit of the trousers is excellent, very enveloping on the hips. Even in the gathered position, the typical one when pushing uphill, the trousers do not go down behind, remaining perfectly adherent, a feature that eliminates that annoying sensation of having the waist of the trousers at the level of the buttocks.


A line that will satisfy the most demanding biker, the one who looks to style without giving up a product of substance. The breathability of both garments will be appreciated on hot outings. The only element that could be corrected is the absence of a back pocket on the shirt, but otherwise a great product.


Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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