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FANTIC Rampage: The lightest e-mtb in the world tested

We tried the Rampage, a model developed entirely by Fantic which integrates various unique features worldwide.

fantic rampage e-mtb light
credits: Alex Louise

The new Rampage was built around the concept of lightness: the Fantic research and development department worked on the Rampage project for about 2 years. Full Carbon frame, both front and rear triangle, with a weight of 15.5kg in the top-of-the-range set-up (XC Factory). An outstanding result! Even the design required an elaborate process creating daring lines that, initially, many frame manufacturers refused to produce due to too many complications (for example the horizontal tube requires about 17 steps to see the end).

At the Borgoluce guesthouse (TV), there was the presentation of the Rampage to the sector media – credits: Alex Luise


This objective has been achieved thanks to the enormous experience and competence that Fantic has put in place. The Racing Fantic department can boast its presence in various international environments such as the Enduro, Moto2, and Motocross world championships: this does nothing but increase the know-how and allows for innovation.

One fact that I emphasize is the fact that AUDI has chosen a model from Fantic (and not other brands) to begin its (probable) adventure in the electric world. The fact of being a "small" company, compared to the multinational giants of the cycle sector, has meant that the Rampage project saw the light in just 2 years: the goal was to make a light bike that would be appreciated by everyone, even by those who have never used an electric bike because they prefer muscle bikes, or by small people. Let's think of a 50kg girl who has to carry around a 20/25kg bike: it's certainly not the best desirable experience.

Fantic Rampage – credits: Alex Luise


The choice of engine is of fundamental importance in an e-bike product and Fantic has chosen TQ, a German company, which has produced a 50Nm engine dedicated exclusively to the light e-mtb segment. The focus was on very smooth delivery and maximum level silence: these 2 characteristics, after various tests, they convinced Fantic to use TQ on his Rampage.

The 360Wh battery, integrated in the frame (but removable), is rechargeable via the frame charging port, the same one where the range extender can possibly be connected. The central display on the top tube indicates the battery level, the autonomy, the watts supplied by the motor and the cyclist's power, as well as obviously the speed, while the remote control on the handlebar allows you to set 3 assistance levels that can be customized with the app : maximum power (maximum engine watts), assistance percentage (engine response to the rider's thrust) and pedal response (the delivery boost, immediate or accompanying pedalling).

Through the FANTIC app, it is possible to manage all the engines: in a nutshell, if you have a Fantic with a BROSE engine and a FANTIC with a TQ engine at home, you can manage everything using the FANTIC app.


The Fantic Flip Chip patent, previously studied for the XTF 1.6 carbon, allows the rear wheel to have 2 positions and thus obtain two geometries, keeping the length of the rear as short as possible and a reactive bike with both 2,2'' tires both 2,4''.

Fantic Flip Chip – credits: Alex Luise


Fantic is on the market with 2 versions: XC model (Cross Country) and DC (Down Country). I know you jumped off your chair being a Venetian brand (if you haven't figured it out, let's move on). The XC model has a geometry more suited to pedaling with 120mm of travel while, in the DC model, the travel increases to 140mm. The wheel size is always 29″. All available in two colors, Black, with iridescent graphics, and Red, with titanium-colored graphics.

In the XC version, we find the 1.2 Factory and the 1.2 Race, while in the DC version we find the 1.4 Factory, the 1.4 Race and the 1.4 Sport. There are therefore 5 total models of Fantic Rampage in the various "declinations".


credits: Alex Louise

120 mm travel with a wagon that has dimensions from cross country: 430mm! The head angle measures 66,5°, seat angle 74° and reach 442,5 mm.

The top-of-the-range versions feature the integrated Fantic Racing carbon handlebar developed by the Fantic team. The 1.2 Factory mounts the Crankbrothers carbon telescopic seatpost, to date the only one on the market. All RockShox, fork and shock absorber, both with remote lockout on the handlebar.

The carbon handlebar produced by Fantic on the Factory model – credits: Alex Luise

The Rampage XC 1.2 Factory stops the needle at 15,5kg with SRAM Eagle XX SL shifting. The Fantic Rampage XC 1.2 Race which is equipped with cheaper components, always wireless shifting but not T-Type but GX AXS.



credits: Alex Louise

The version from Down Country has the fork from 140 mm, longer chainstays (437 mm), slacker head angle (65°) and wider tires (Vittoria Syerra 29×2.4”, already tested in the past).

It is offered in three versions: Rampage DC 1.4 Sport (SRAM SX), 1.4 Race (SRAM GX) e 1.4Factory (SRAM GX AXS), all with SR Suntour suspension. Even the wheels and cranks are in carbon in the top-of-the-range versions.



Here is the classic question: how much does it cost? Here are the prices below: let's just say that it is a full carbon frame and, in the high-end models, also the carbon wheels with a Made in Italy design.

  • Fantic Rampage XC 1.2 Factory – €11.590
  • Fantic Rampage XC 1.2 Race – €8.290
  • Fantic Rampage DC 1.4 Sport – €5.490
  • Fantic Rampage DC 1.4 Race – €6.690
  • Fantic Rampage DC 1.5 Factory – €9.490


But how's this rampage going? Let's do a spoiler right away: damn good! Always if we are looking for this kind of bike, that is an e-mtb where you have to put in a bit of leg. Yes, you got it right, an e-bike to work hard. We were able to try it for a whole day on the Treviso hills in the Borgoluce estate, a splendid place in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco area.

The Prosecco tasting of the previous day did not affect the test response – credits: Alex Luise

I'll tell you all the impressions I had on the Rampage without being able to go into too much detail, given the limited time of the test which still allowed me to get an idea of ​​the goodness of the project.

Happy with the DC Factory Rampage, Down Country version – credits: Alex Luise

The heart of this new Fantic is the German TQ HPR50 engine, already used by some international brands such as Trek's Fuel EXe or Scott Lumen. It is so compact that it is almost invisible, giving the bike a traditional bike shape (now passers-by will struggle to understand, after squared it, if our bike is electric or not). Its support is limited (50Nm), little compared to standard 85/90Nm motors, but this "limit" gives the bike a natural pedaling feeling, even if we go to use the maximum support (High).

Uphill the pedaling feeling is exceptional – credits: Alex Luise


The feeling, if you have leg, it's great: we can stand up on the pedals without problems, which is not easy with standard e-bikes. The new Fantic Rampage, like all light e-mtb's, is a bicycle designed for riders who already have a good workout, because the TQ HPR50 engine helps but doesn't push like those mounted on e-bikes that weigh an average of 25kg. So, if your body is a bit heavy and your leg is kneaded, you risk taking out all the drums without feeling the value. And I don't recommend this type of bike, unless you are motivated to train and get in shape.

With Alex you always look beautiful in photos – credits: Alex Luise

There are 3 levels of pedaling assistance (Eco, Mid, High) and they are set using the remote control on the handlebar: the data, on the other hand, can be read by looking at the display positioned on the top tube: a small mole, the pixels and the button at the bottom, which recall Game Boy technology. Ok, nothing changes in terms of usability but an extra touch of style, since we are talking about high-end products, is fine. Engine noise is very low, almost imperceptible.

credits: Alex Louise


The expression "it rides like a normal bike" escaped me” but, I have to admit, it drives very well: the weight, around 16kg in this DC model (remember that the weight record of 15,5kg is held in the XC model), is in any case ideal for stability and handling. The very short chainstay (437mm) allows you to make good manuals, something I've never tried in other e-bikes. Of course, the short rear stay not only helps in this situation but allows you to feel a very agile bike when cornering: in paths cross country it's a lot of fun and the weight makes it more stable than traditional bikes which, with these geometries, weigh about 4kg less.

The end of the rear is very wide and there is often the risk of rubbing it creating signs of friction- credits: Alex Luise

It has excellent handling when cornering and is a bike that is very fun: born for trails from cross country/ down country (technical xc), there the Rampage gives its best. The suspension is progressive and holds well even on big hits. The geometries are excellent: even if the travel is reduced, the fairly open head angle keeps it stable on the front when going downhill while the short rear stays make it easy to handle. A mix that entertains.


Particular signsLIGHTNESS
One of, if not the, lightest e-mtb on the market: 15,5kg is an exceptional result on the top of the range.
+ Weight :
Quiet motor
-Wide rear end
Tire too much Cross Country (light) on the XC version

A bike that could make even the most hardened cross country rider change his mind: could it be the bike that will bring new bikers into the electric world? Surely, if tested, it is a bike that will appeal to many, or rather, to the most trained bikers.


Written by

[email protected] I am a fan of everything that has 2 wheels: at a young age I practiced road and track cycling (Italian Allievi champion). At the age of 18 I passed into the cross country competing at national/international level as an Under23. Past Elite, I made the choice to take things more lightly from a training point of view, and my love for gravity disciplines was born, training me as an FCI MTB instructor and guide. Now I have made passion my profession by managing 2 MTB centers on the island of Elba (Bike Center Elba and Elba MTB), creating the FANTAmtb and telling in an ironic but professional way everything that revolves around MTB thanks to 365mountainbike and 365TV (YouTube'PULITI dentro BIKER fuori').


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