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Endura MT 500 Helmet: our test

Endura presents the new version of its flagship helmet for all mountain, namely the MT 500.


At first glance, the new Mt 500 differs slightly from the previous version. But going beyond the simple image, the differences between the two models are different.

MIPS protection

The first and most important innovation concerns the protection systems present on this helmet. in addition to the already known Kororid honeycomb, now there is also the MIPS cap, which as known has the function of discharging the force of traumatic impacts

The MIPS insert on the MT 500 helmet is in black color.

The details that make the difference

If the most important news is focused on safety, there are some details that improve the experience with this helmet. First of all, the padding, a bit stiff on the previous model, now makes it more comfortable to wear. secondly, the laces also have a more ergonomic connecting ring, which makes it easier to adjust the closure.

the new closing ring

Also the back of the helmet, where to place the elastic of the mask; instead of a clip there is now a silicone strip, which allows it to be stopped, but at the same time makes its housing more immediate.

The rubber band to hold the elastic of the mask

Finally, the device to insert a possible action camera, which thanks to a strong adhesive now has a precise tightening. I find this small gadget useful, very useful, with a minimal shape that fits well into the line of the helmet.

The tightening for action cameras

The test

I used this helmet on some alpine hikes this summer. fortunately I have not had the opportunity to test the safety devices of which it is rich. I appreciated the comfort of the padding and the ease of adjustment of both the rear ratchet and especially the ring for the front lace. A well-ventilated helmet that doesn't bother you even on hot days. The insertion for the action cam is very valid, which stabilizes the video camera in the best possible way, giving a good perspective to the images.

The only element missing is the system that allows you to house the glasses, which is very useful during longer climbs.


As initially mentioned, the external appearance could betray equality with its predecessor; in reality the improvements are substantive, with more comfort in the fit and greater safety in its devices.

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Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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