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Test DAINESE HGC Hybrid: The jacket for all seasons

A multipurpose and versatile jacket; excellent as a winter garment which, thanks to its lightness and small size, becomes an interesting support even in spring outings.

The tests of materials designed to allow us to pedal even in adverse weather conditions continue. It's time to in chief of Dainese, a leading company in the creation of products intended for body protection.

This time it will be their jacket HGC Hybrid, a product designed to protect us from the wind while keeping our body warm.

The technology

The fulcrum of this garment is insulation Polartec Alpha Direct, a membrane we have already talked about and which has its strong point in thermoregulation.

The outermost layer is made of windproof material, with laser cut ventilation slots. The 4-way stretch is designed to ensure maximum mobility

The test

A minimal garment with an excellent fit. Two front pockets, a generously sized hood and a cut designed for cycling, with a longer back to better protect the lumbar spine.

As always, the test of these garments involves choosing the outings based on the weather, favoring cold or windy conditions. In this way I had the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the garment, finding it in line with the best products in this category, with some points in its favor, such as the high possibility of compressing it.

This is certainly the first feature that catches the eye; even without dwelling on the technologies present, such as Polartec's Alpha direct, which we have already praised.

The element that surprises is the lightness, combined with the feeling of having in your hands a windproof one of those that you carry in your back pocket for any emergency.

The difference lies in the fact that this Dainese product has an internal thermoregulating membrane which, to date, I consider to be the best on the market and which makes it excellent above all as a first choice for winter outings, perhaps accompanied by thermal underwear and in the case of extreme cold by a second wool layer. With this pattern of use it has proven to be extremely effective, protecting me in any condition.

Returning instead to talk about the feature that makes it different from the other winter products tested, i.e. the compactness, we can state that thanks to this quality, the Hybrid will also find space in spring use and will certainly be the first choice for protective garments during the long high mountain summer raids. In this type of excursion, finding a garment that is a mix of protection, thermoregulation and minimum bulk is certainly not a small advantage.


We have already talked extensively about the qualities of Polartec, this HSC Hybrid stands out for its small size and lightness, which make it a versatile product suitable for different uses. A travel companion on the coldest days as well as on long alpine hikes.

PRICE? €199,95


Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.



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