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The DARIO ACQUAROLI: Lampo azzurro with Jakob Dorigoni and Giada Martinoli

The Italian national team had come to honor the event in memory of Dario Acquaroli and achieved great success with the South Tyrolean Jakob Dorigoni. In the women's race, 17-year-old Giada Martinoli surprisingly wins.


The Dario Acquaroli 2023 he put on a great show. The Italian national team honored its presence at the event in the best possible way, reaching victory thanks to the South Tyrolean Jacob Dorigoni, a versatile athlete from the Torpado Factory Team who, with a splendid final comeback, managed to overtake all his opponents uphill, outdistance them on the downhill and cross the finish line in Viale Repubblica in Iseo (BS) first.

Source: press release

A success celebrated with the finger pointing towards the sky, entirely dedicated to Dario Acquaroli great MTB champion who left us too soon and to whom this year the Isean event has dedicated its name. The men's podium is completed by second place Nadir Colledani (Santa Cruz Rockshox Pro Team) and the third of Jacopo Billi (Scott RacingTeam).

However, it was a surprise victory that arrived in the women's race with the young 17 year old from Varese Giada Martinoli (Ju Green Gorla) – incidentally she is an athlete of the 1st year Junior category – who outclassed all the athletes of the Elite Women category, older and more experienced than her, also inflicting significant gaps on them. A great performance from her and perhaps this edition of La Dario Acquaroli consecrates the talent of a promising young MTB rider who will certainly also be paid the attention of the coach of the Italian MTB national team Mirko Celestine, also competing for fun. They completed the overall women's podium with second place Claudia Peretti (Cicli Olympia) – first of the Elite Women – and the third of the Italian Clare Burato, this is the fourth podium for her in the last 5 years.

Over 500 competitors lined up at the start of the event. Start given by the Sports Councilor of the Municipality of Iseo Pierangelo Marini with all the big names in the race and the Italian national team in the front row.

The path has changed compared to past editions, especially in the initial part: the first descent that led from Polaveno to the plain has been completely eliminated. This year, after starting from the historic center of Iseo, the bikers faced the climb to the Madonna del Corno from the opposite side to the traditional one and then descended towards Provaglio d'Iseo and rejoined the traditional route. Part of the journey involved the new Bergamo-Brescia cycle route to underline the union between the two provinces in the year in which they are the Capitals of Culture 2023. The final judge of the race remained the climb to Madonna del Corno in its traditional timed formula and from the Provaglio d'Iseo – La Guarda side. Total mileage was 47,5 km.

Strong start Joel DeCosmo (Scott Racing Team) who immediately took the lead of the race. They are behind him Jacob Dorigoni (Torpado Factory Team), Nadir Colledani (Santa Cruz), Jacopo Billi (Scott Racing Team) ed Alessandro Serravalle (Silmax Racing Team).

The race is very fast and nervous and in the first part there isn't much selection. Then the cards are shuffled and Billi takes the lead and the situation changes behind him too. At the top of the Madonna del Corno, a team made up of Colledani and the Under 23 takes the lead Andrea Emanuele Vittone (KTM – Protek – Elettrosystem), but the gap is small compared to Billi, De Cosmo, Siffredi and Dorigoni. But it is precisely the latter, the South Tyrolean from Torpado, who knows how to best manage the effort of the climb, recovering positions until reaching the lead of the race, climbing the hill first with Colledani close behind, and then giving everything in the subsequent descent. Jakob Dorigoni reaches the finish line in Iseo in perfect solitude and, almost moved, dedicates the success to Dario Acquaroli.

“Today I really wanted to win, but I knew it wasn't easy because the quality of the starters was really high. Compared to my last races which were a little higher up, today it was much hotter and the race was full of sprints, a very nervous race and I have to tell the truth, during the race I didn't feel great, I always had the beats a little high. In the first part I suffered a bit, in the second part I tried to keep up. Then I took the Madonna del Corno climb in fifth or sixth position, I climbed progressively and then in the last meters of the climb I took the lead and then I also attacked on the descent and managed to gain a few seconds on the opponents who I led up to upon arrival. A victory that I certainly dedicate to Dario Acquaroli. I met him here two years ago when I took part in this race and I was happy to raise my arms to the sky for him", the words of the winner Jacob Dorigoni.

In the women's race the Italian starts strong Clare Burato who carries command, behind him the daughter of art Maria Celestino (Scott – Libarna). Then in the central phase of the race a group forms in the lead and with Burato there is the Eliminator world champion Gaia Tormena (Gs Lupi Valle d'Aosta), Martha Zanga (KTM – Protek – Elettrosystem) and the young one Giada Martinoli (Ju Green).

The latter accelerates up the climb and manages to make the difference, breaks away from everyone else and flies towards victory, crossing the finish line first almost in disbelief. “I expected absolutely nothing from today. I'm taking these end-of-season races very calmly so as not to stop the activity too soon and to keep myself in training. But I felt that my legs were moving well, I was able to push, I just thought about having fun and it went very well I'd say", the words of Giada Martinoli.

The president of the Cycling Federation also spoke at the winners' awards ceremony Cordiano Dagnoni.


1 Dorigoni Jakob | EL | Torpado Factory Team 01:43:36.57

2 Colledani Nadir | EL | Santa Cruz Rockshox Pro Team 01:43:45.75

3 Billi Jacopo | EL | GS Scott Racing Team ASD 01:43:50.41

4 Siffredi Andrea | El | GS Scott Racing Team ASD 01:44:04.30

5 De Cosmo Gioele | EL | GS Scott Racing Team ASD 01:44:10.38

6 Vittone Andreas Emanuele | A | Ktm – Protek – Elettrosystem 01:44:10.39

7 Bertone Filippo | EL | ASD Team Marchisio Bike 01:44:38.23

8 Saravalle Alessandro | EL | Silmax Racing Team 01:44:38.95

9 Trincheri Lorenzo | A | GS Scott Racing Team ASD 01:44:47.36

10 Goria Stefano | A | Magicuneo ASD 01:45:11.13


1 Martinoli Giada | DJ | Ju Green ASD Gorla 02:04:10.30

2 Peretti Claudia | DE | ASDGS Cicli Olympia 02:05:53.51

3 Burato Chiara | DE | Mentecorpo Cicli Drigani Pro Team 02:05:58.40

4 Tormena Gaia | DE | ASDGS Wolves Valle D'Aosta 02:07:56.10

5 Rinaldoni Giulia | DJ | Scott – Libarna Bike Racing Team ASD 02:09:23.49

6 Zanga Marta | DE | Ktm – Protek – Elettrosystem 02:17:22.10

7 Celestino Marika | DJ | Scott – Libarna Bike Racing Team ASD 02:17:52.95

8 Thirds Valeria | DJ | Ju Green ASD Gorla 02:22:11.24

9 Tejada Gabriella | EWS | Italian Cycling Federation 02:29:01.16

10 Marta jacket | DE | Master Team Ass. Sp.Dil 02:30:22.22

Complete results:

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