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Italy Bike Cup Chaoyang Courmayer: The results

Italy Bike Cup Chaoyang final in Courmayer: Fontana takes everything, the final awards ceremony under Mont Blanc.

Chaoyang Italy Bike Cup winners (from top left): Emanuele Huez (UM); Filippo Fontana (EM); Gabriel Borre (JM); Marta Zanga (UF); Chiara Teocchi (EF); Elisa Lanfranchi (JF). Photo: Alessandro Di Donato

The Courmayeur MTB Event did not disappoint expectations, giving the public cross country challenges fought for the final classification of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang. Filippo Fontana and Chiara Teocchi the elite rulers who do en plein with stage and circuit. Tomorrow the rehearsals of the Youth Circuit will be staged.

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Italy Bike Cup Chaoyang has arrived at the highest and most majestic point of its calendar to write a last and exciting act with an international C1 race. In Dolonne, Italy Bike Cup Chaoyang brought back the great show of cross country right in front of Mont Blanc, for the Courmayeur MTB Event. A spectacular and natural track that completed the puzzle of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang, in which every natural context and every possible scenario was the scene of challenges for the stage victory and for the general classification.

Photo: Evi Garbolino

In Dolonne the athletes have rekindled the fight for the leader's jersey designed by Alè, with high-level races in the pursuit of the final success of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang. A clement weather and summer climate offered the most beautiful colors and lights to the great mountain bike show, for a unique atmosphere. The Dolonne circuit, at 1.200 meters above sea level, brought the athletes back into the woods, in the most natural context that this discipline can boast.

This morning it was the junior men's race that opened the last stage of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang, it was one of the most eagerly awaited races in which the protagonists were the same for all the stages, the big names in this category who demonstrated great values ​​on the field during this first part of the season. In the race with a total of 4 laps to go, the best performers took the lead, with a small group that proceeded quite compactly until the third lap, at which point it was Elian Paccagnella (Junior Team Sudtirol) who took with impetus his head forcing Gabriel Borre (KTM Protek Elettrosystem) and Matteo Ceschin (Lee Cougan MTB) to chase.

Gabriel Borre/Photo: Evi Garbolino

Paccagnella, in great form, immediately accumulated a significant advantage which allowed him to manage the rest of the group. Behind him, Gabriel Borre tried, also freeing himself from Ceschin, to get back on Paccagnella, who however was racing alone towards the final finish line and the second stage victory at the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang (Verona MTB International and Courmayeur MTB Event). However, the final success of the circuit went to Gabriel Borre, the Aosta Valley native, winner of the Internazionale trials XCO Coppa Città di Albenga and Marlene Sunshine Race in Nals was the most consistent and deservedly won the blue jersey of the winner of the junior category, with a total of 500 points. Matteo Ceschin was the third junior of the day, also second in the general classification of Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang behind Borre (435 points), third in the general classification himself Elian Paccagnella with 380 points.

junior male podium: 1st Elian Paccagnella; 2nd Gabriel Borre; 3rd Matteo Ceschin; 4th Ettore Pra'; 5th Ribeiro Henrique/Photo: Evi Garbolino

The second race of the day was the one dedicated to the women's categories with Elite, Under23 and Junior. A really tight challenge between the elites with Chiara Teocchi (KTM Protek Elettrosystem) and Giorgia Marchet (Trinx Factory Team), divided only by 30 points in the general classification. The two girls were the ones who set the women's race on fire from the first lap, behind them the first Under23 was the home athlete Nicole Pesse, first pursuer of the leading pair.

Nicole Pesse/Photo: Evi Garbolino

On the 4 laps scheduled for the women's Open categories, the red jersey of leader of the Elites Chiara Teocchi went through the woods and pastures always in first position, closely followed by Giorgia Marchet. Chiara Teocchi took off, going solo on the last lap of the program carrying her red leader jersey to the final finish line of the Courmayeur MTB Event, securing victory in the general classification of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang obtained with 3 victories (Verona MTB International, Memorial Bruno Alverà in Pergine and at the Courmayeur MTB Event). The second classified was the pursuer Giorgia Marchet (Trinx Factory Team), who also confirmed her second position in the general classification, the third who arrived on the finish line was Eva Lechner (Trinx Factory Team), while fourth was Nicole pesse (RDR Italia Leynicese Factory Team) first place in the Under23 category. In the overall women's Under23 classification, however, it was Marta Zanga (KTM Protek Elettrosystem) who gained the leadership of the circuit by overturning the classification in the last available stage, overtaking the Austrian Tamara Wiedmann and thus winning the purple jersey dedicated to the Under23 women's category .

Women's Open podium: 1st Chiara Teocchi; 2nd Giorgia Marchet; 3rd Eva Lechner; 4th Nicole Pesse; 5th Lucia Bramati/Photo: Evi Garbolino-Alessandro Di Donato

In the Junior Female category, the return to the track of Valentina Corvi (Trinx Factory Team) re-established the hierarchies, the Italian junior champion faced all 3 laps of the race dedicated to the Juniors in first position, finishing with more than a minute advantage over second classified Elisa Lanfranchi (KTM Protek Elettrosystem) who had to watch her back Giulia Rinaldoni (SCOTT Libarna Racing Team) and run with great intelligence to win the leader's jersey of the junior classification. Elisa Lanfranchi with the second place of Courmayeur MTB Event won the general among the juniors.

Photo: Alessandro Di Donato
Valentina Crows. Photo: Alessandro Di Donato

The final act of the Courmayeur MTB Event, valid as the final round of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang, was marked by a great test in the men's Open, a race in which both the leaders of the Elite and Under23 categories presented themselves, respectively Filippo Fontana and Emanuele Huez (CS Carabinieri Olympia Vittoria), with clear intentions, to take home both jerseys of the general classification of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang 2023. The first round was enough to outline the implications of the race, with a small group of three athletes led by Andreas Vittone (KTM Protek Elettrosystem), Filippo Fontana and Alessio Agostinelli (KTM Protek Elettrosystem). The pace of these three athletes immediately put the rest of the field out of contention. At the beginning of the third of the six scheduled laps, the leading group was further thinned under the incessant pace of Filippo Fontana and Andreas Vittone, only the two remained to fight for the victory in Dolonne.

Filippo Fontana/Photo: Alessandro Di Donato

On the fifth lap the balance between the two breaks down and the athlete of the CS Carabinieri Olympia Vittoria, Filippo Fontana, wearing the leader's jersey, takes a few seconds ahead of Vittone transforming during the sixth and final lap, in half a minute . Filippo Fontana crossed the finish line of the Courmayeur MTB Event to conquer the final success of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang, a confirmation, after the victory of the Under23 jersey obtained in 2022, of the great value of a growing athlete. The successes of Pergine Valsugana, Stevenà di Ca Neva and Courmayeur allowed Fontana to secure the well-deserved final success of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang 2023. In second place, a great Andreas Vittone found the consistency in the results he deserves and his second place is worth the day's victory in the Under23 category. The podium is closed by teammate Alessio Agostinelli (KTM Protek Elettrosystem).

Emanuele Huez – Evi Garbolino – Alessandro Di Donato

The conclusion of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang 2023 circuit saw the presence of national and international athletes competing for partial successes on a varied calendar that gave space to different types of track and environment. The winners of this prestigious circuit have shown great constancy and perseverance in achieving a goal on which to write their name. While Mont Blanc is the backdrop to the closure of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang circuit which awarded the jerseys to the winners and gives everyone the worthy closure of a circuit that has seen not only athletes involved but also all the collaborators of every single test to which it goes a dutiful thanks for the management of every single aspect that made the 2023 edition of Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang perfect. Tomorrow the penultimate round of the Circuito Giovanile Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang will take place in Dolonne, which will see the bikers of the future on stage.

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