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Gaia Tormena dedicates the victory to Dario Acquaroli in the Eliminator World Cup

The second round of the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup took place in the beautiful city of Leuven, Belgium, with the victory among the women by Gaia Tormena.

Gaia Tormena
Gaia Tormena dedicates the victory to Dario Acquaroli

Gaia Tormena, after the fall in the last test, takes his revenge again and wins the 2nd round of the Eliminator World Cup, pointing a finger to the sky in memory of the great Dario Acquaroli.

Source: UCI press release follows

Women podium Gaia Tormena Leuven Eliminator
Women podium Gaia Tormena Leuven Eliminator

In a stunning display of speed and determination, UCI World Cup leader Marion Fromberger once again proved her dominance by setting the fastest time in the qualifying time trials.

Fromberger's outstanding performance showcased her unrivaled skill and propelled her as the top contender to the quarterfinals. As the highly anticipated quarterfinals approached, Fromberger was poised to continue her domination on a fast and furious course. However, fate had a different plan for the German athlete, as Fromberger suffered a mechanical failure while she was pushing herself to the limit.

xce eliminator

The atmosphere in the women's finals was electric as the crowd cheered on local favorite Shanyl De Schoesitter. With her incredible speed she set the stage for an exciting and highly anticipated battle while narrowly missing her first UCI World Cup, as Gaia Tormena took a sensational victory at the UCI World Cup in Leuven, Belgium . Line Mygdam of Denmark and Annemoon van Dienst of the Netherlands finished third and fourth respectively, while Coline Clauzure took glory in the finals for fifth place. Tormena's outstanding performance not only ensured her triumph in the race, but also catapulted her to the top of the overall standings.

Titouan Perrin-Ganier returns to shine with the rainbow jersey

The men's category was no less exciting, as the French riders asserted themselves strongly during the qualifying time trials. By setting the fastest time, Thibaut Kalkhoven and Quentin Schrotzenberger showcased their exceptional speed and skill, solidifying their position as top contenders. However, they did not make it to the final, as the tension and field of contenders was extremely high.

Titouan Perrin Ganier Eliminator
Titouan Perrin Ganier

In the Finals, it was UCI World Champion, Titouan Perrin-Ganier, who emerged as the best performer of the day. The explosive power and impeccable handling of Perrin-Ganier's bike gave him crucial advantages in every moto. With precise cornering and calculated overtaking, he showed his mastery of the course, leaving his rivals far behind. The UCI World Champion celebrated his second consecutive UCI World Cup by extending his lead in the UCI World Cup race.

The battle for medals was pretty intense. Simon Gegenheimer had to settle for third place while Belgian local rider Jane Vandersteen won the sprint for second place, with European champion Jakob Klemenčič finishing fourth. Austrian Theo Hauser won the small finals and completed the podium in fifth place.

Podium Leuven Eliminator
Podium Leuven Eliminator

With a short break after Round 2 in Leuven, Belgium, it's time for the riders to shift their focus and start preparations for the next exciting challenge in Aalen, Germany. The battle for the UCI World Cup leaders jersey continues next month on July 15th.

Men's results – UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup Leuven

  1. Titouan Perrin-Ganier (FRA)
  2. Jarne Vandersteen (BEL)
  3. Simon Gegenheimer (GER)
  4. Jakob Klemenchich (SLO)
  5. Theo Hauser (AUT)
    COMPLETE results

Women's Results – UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup Leuven

  1. Gaia Tormena (ITA)
  2. Shanyl de Schoesitter (BEL)
  3. Line Mygdam (DEN)
  4. Annemoon van Dienst (NED)
  5. Coline Clausure (FRA)
    COMPLETE results

Male ranking after Leuven

  1. Titouan Perrin-Ganier (FRA) - 135 points
  2. Simon Gegenheimer (GER) - 92 points
  3. Quentin Schrotzenberger (FRA) – 75 points
  4. Thibaut Kahlhoven (FRA) – 72 points
  5. Theo Hauser (AUT) – 46 points
    COMPLETE results

Female ranking after Leuven

  1. Gaia Tormena (ITA) - 135 points
  2. Marion Fromberger (GER) - 111 points
  3. Annemoon van Dienst (NED) – 92 points
  4. Didi de Vries (NED) – 74 points
  5. Shanyl de Schoesitter (BEL) – 53 points
    COMPLETE results

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