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The year of redemption for Claudia Peretti

After a subdued 2023, due to injuries and bad luck, this season Claudia Peretti wants to return to the levels we were used to. I met her between one race and another and we talked a bit about the past, the present and her competitive future

365:Hi Claudia, before talking about this 2024, tell us what happened last year.

Claudia: Unfortunately in January last year I started suffering from severe inflammation in my knee which prevented me from training until April. When I started again, unfortunately, I lacked the basis so I had several ups and downs. After Finale Ligure I understood that I would have to start again and therefore I wanted to concentrate on preparing for the Italians, where I had good sensations, but unfortunately I broke a wheel and had to retire, thus saying goodbye to the tricolor jersey.

365: Have you made any changes for this 2024?

Initially I approached a new trainer, to look for new stimuli, but the training plans he had proposed to me didn't fully agree with me, so I decided to retrace my steps, returning with the previous coach. We have started to extend the distances again and now I have to say that I am finding good sensations which give me hope.

365: among the various appointments on the calendar, which are the most important in your plans?

I would definitely like to wear the tricolor shirt again. I had gotten used to it well and I was very sorry to have to say goodbye to her. The route suits my characteristics a little less because it will be streamlined and without too technical sections, but it will mean that I will have to pedal hard uphill. After the Italians my concertation will be for Europeans and world championships. These are generally the key events of my season.


Will we see her again like this?

365, how is a typical week structured by Claudia Peretti?

Rest on Monday, Tuesday is the day dedicated to strength, then specific work is done on Wednesday, always with outings lasting approximately 3 hours. The long Thursday, where I also include some quality. Friday and Saturday a couple of hours and depending on the period I can also do some specific work such as 20''40''. Then on Sunday we race.

With this training program I feel that I am recovering good sensations which will allow me to be ready for the most important appointments,

Claudia during winter training at Mottarone

365: over the years MTBs have had a notable development, greater excursions, more open angles and in general a different rideability. How do you evaluate these changes?

Current bikes have more modern geometries and allow much more downhill riding. Unlike the cross country, where the routes have seen a crazy technical evolution, in the Marathon world, even more so in Italy, the routes are very easy; it would often be better to use a light front to have greater advantages uphill. To be able to do this I would have to alternate the two types of bike more during training, but it is not always possible.

365 you talked about riding styles, how has yours changed with the new bikes?

In reality I started cycling a little late, so I'm improving my riding style every year, so it's difficult for me to tell you if I've adapted my riding style with the change of bikes. I can tell you that I prefer to ride a full bike, because I like technical descents and I have more fun with this type of vehicle.

365 we saw you at the Andalusia race, tell us a little about this adventure.

It was an excellent experience, 6 days of racing with many kilometers and a nice difference in altitude. I competed with Marixtelle Garangou, a girl I didn't know, but with whom I had a great feeling.

To prepare, the season was certainly good, we had to maintain a high pace for several days, with relatively long stages.

Written by

[email protected] Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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