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VIDEO – Recoaro Mille Bike Park: Technical trails and excellent location

On Saturday 2 September we were in the mountains around Recoaro 1000 (VI) where they are trying to create a real bike park: technical trails and a location that is still new to the general public.

Campogrosso Recoaro refuge
Campogrosso Recoaro refuge

On Saturday 2 September an Enduro festival took place in the areas above Recoaro Terme, precisely in Recoaro 1000 (VI) where the former Valdagno refuge is located, now the official headquarters of the Recoaro Mille Bike Park. The structure offers a renovated location surrounded by the Carega mountains between Veneto and Trentino: a stunning landscape at 1000m above sea level.

In the headquarters in Recoaro 1000 there is a Pump Track, excellent for children and for an educational approach to MTB, bikes for rent (with related MTB guide service and Bike Shuttle) without forgetting the excellent bar and restaurant service, with outdoor balcony where the view certainly is not lacking. By the way: once the event was over, we made the "effort" to test the excellent food with beer and kebabs. SUPER APPROVED.

small dolomiti bike festival recoaro (2)
Some paths start from Rifugio Campogrosso (1400m), right next to the Carega Group

The differences in altitude, each way, are around 800-1000 metres: a really important difference in altitude to be able to stay busy even for half an hour purely downhill (everything naturally depends on the pace and the stops).

small dolomiti bike festival recoaro (1)
Many fans arrived for the event on September 2nd

The epilogue of the descents is often in Recoaro Terme (445m), a spa town that exudes nostalgia and shows the beauty of Art Nouveau villas. This situation gives the charm of a brilliant and positive past that would like to return but which now struggles to attract young people. And it is precisely on this aspect that the guys at Recoaro Mille Bike Park are trying to work hard to raise awareness of a place with very high potential from the point of view of the outdoors in general. The dream would be to see the ski lifts that connect Recoaro Terme with Recoaro 1000 and the Monte Falcone refuge activated again: but here too there are conflicting opinions on accepting mass tourism in the mountains (thanks to the chairlift) or leaving the mountains to true enthusiasts .

Recoaro Terme chairlift
The Recoaro Terme chairlift – Recoaro 1000: the chairlift that led from the center of the town to Recoaro 1952 was opened in 1000. Open until 1990, it was replaced in 1995 with a new and modern cable car but currently remains closed.


Here is our video vlog where we had fun trying various trails in the area with the help of the Bike Shuttle. We were pleasantly surprised by the variety and technicality of the routes. Good vision.

The routes are natural and technical, without modeling with bulldozers: a true natural trail area that has little to do with modern "flow trails". However, there remain simple solutions for families by taking advantage of the various forest trails in the area: here we recommend relying on the expert guides of the Recoaro Mille Bike Park.

THANKS FOR THE EVENT: The volcanic Paolo and Nicola want to thank all the guys who are helping out. They manage the headquarters of the Recoaro 1000 Bike Park, a refuge with catering, rental and all the services to spend a wonderful day on MTB. Thanks go to Pippo Franz, Consolaro Stefano, Massignan Viero, Davide Zambon, without forgetting the companies Damil Components, Valfer, Mtb service, Chunk and BRS Line.


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