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SMOOTHROOTS: New trail to the Piana di Vigezzo

On-board video from the Piana di Vigezzo, a constantly developing bike area.

flat iron cutter of vigezzo

Summer is coming, the bike parks reopen and it's time to try the new trails. I'm back in Vigezzo to try the new version of Colma, called Smoothroots. A gentler enduro trail than the historic PS. You often travel on grassy stretches, with wide curves that call the folds and that allow you to test the goodness of the side knobs.

As I said, the work done by the Biffo boys has allowed us to have a more accessible track; the natural philosophy that distinguishes the locality is maintained, or as Marani would say, the slightly old school style, with little combed traces.

A stretch on the meadows of the Piana di Vigezzo

The trail turns a lot more, the slopes are faced more cutting and there are some stretches of breath that protect the arms. We are always faced with a track where the search for flow is more of a challenge with oneself than an element built by the trai builder; here each element was decided and designed by mother nature, the task of the locals was to indulge her wishes and create the conditions to have a route that 'holds' the passages

Written by Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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