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VITTORIA Enduro Race: the new tires for Enduro MTB

Starting from the successful Mazza, Martello & Mota models, Vittoria presents an updated range with a new soft racing compound and reinforced casing.

Vittoria Enduro Race, the range of products used by the Abetone Gravity Team as well as by Tommaso Francardo, the Italian Enduro champion, who we see here in the photo.

Source: press release
Thomas Francardo

New soft compound – 1C RACE
The new 1C RACE soft compound has been developed to meet the needs of high performance oriented enduro riders, for use in competitions and for those looking for maximum grip on any trail, in any condition. The new compound features a combination of Graphene and Silica molecules capable of offering optimal flexibility and effective tread deformation. In terms of performance, the compound guarantees grip, shock absorption at every lean angle, traction and constant control even in the most technical sections.

Speed ​​by more grip is the essential performance guaranteed by Mazza Race, Martello Race and Mota Race thanks to the innovative 1C RACE compound.

New reinforced casing

The Enduro Race range features a new, stronger casing that maximizes puncture protection without compromising flex. The 60 TPI nylon casing, in addition to a protective layer positioned in the central part, offers reliable multi-layer protection. In addition, the anti-pinch flat inserts made of high tech rubber protect the shoulders of the tyre, starting from the bead and along the sides, from pinching and punctures caused by the rim. Finally, the foldable aramid beads are designed to aid inflation and ensure excellent pressure retention for an effective tubeless setup.

Mazza, Martello & Mota – Enduro World Series proof tread

Mazza, Martello and Mota are Vittoria's most successful Enduro models. These treads have been developed and successfully used in the toughest special stages of the Enduro World Series.

victory mazza race enduro 2023


Mace Race uses the same successful tread pattern as the Mazza. The well-defined central profile and the deep grooves in the rolling direction promote speed, even when cornering and on counter slopes. The step adjacent to the central knobs works like a rolling ramp but sinks into the ground when climbing and braking, making Mazza Race an excellent solution both front and rear.

victory enduro hammer 2023


Hammer Race features motocross-style square knobs with directional grooves that promote grip and rolling. The tread pattern offers exceptional performance on a wide range of rocky and compact terrains. Progressive sipes on the center and side knobs provide maneuverability and control.

win mota enduro race 2023


Mota Race uses a super aggressive tread pattern, specifically designed for soft and muddy terrain. It features widely spaced motocross-style knobs to increase stability in the mud and to aid self-cleaning of the tread. The square knobs and progressive grooves of the Mota Race offer excellent performance on rough, wet and muddy terrain.


Mace Race27.5×2.4​60-584Enduro
1220 g€ 72.95
27.5×2.6​65-5841310 g
29×2.4​60-6221340 g
29×2.6​65-6221410 g
  Hammer Race27.5×2.4​60-584Enduro
1150 g€ 72.95
27.5×2.6​65-5841230 g
29×2.4​60-6221230 g
29×2.6​65-6221330 g
1130 g€ 72.95
27.5×2.6​65-5841340 g
 29×2.4​60-6221180 g
 29×2.6​65-6221340 g


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