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SPECIALIZED Roval Control SL Team: super light XC wheels

Specialized presents the new Roval Control SL Team wheels: Lightweight. Quick. Unstoppable.

Specialized announces the launch of Roval Control SL Team wheels, the wheelset from cross-country lightest ever produced, weighing just 1.190 grams. This extraordinary goal was achieved thanks to the optimization of the shape and composition of the rim and the lightening of the hubs. However, the most significant weight saving was achieved thanks to the revolutionary carbon fiber spokes developed by Specialized.

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After a three-year process, involving extensive material science research and intensive testing in both the field and the lab, Specialized created an optimized carbon fiber spoke. This spoke is not only 29% lighter than its steel equivalent, but it is also stronger and more durable. 36 different spoke variations were developed and tested, ultimately creating lighter hubs that interface perfectly with the 20 carbon fiber spokes.

The meaning of speed for XC racers

For an XC racer, being the fastest simply means getting from the starting line to the finish line in the shortest time possible. To achieve this, a wheelset must be extremely light to accelerate quickly and climb efficiently.

The fastest wheels also need to be durable to tackle increasingly challenging technical trails. The Control SL Team wheels They resist 33% more force than the competition, providing the durability needed to maintain speed on modern, aggressive terrain.


Specialized offers them for €3000 to the public.

Speed ​​is nothing without control. Roval Control SL Team wheels meet optimal stiffness goals, providing World Cup-winning steering precision and traction. The carbon rims and spokes are optimized for lateral stiffness, creating predictable steering that allows the rider to follow the desired line. This, combined with adequate torsional compliance, allows the rider to faithfully follow the terrain and maximize traction.

To achieve this combination of optimal vertical compliance and lateral stiffness, Specialized has developed 15 different rim layups and wheel configurations, with varying lateral, radial, torsional and load-wrapping stiffness characteristics. These wheels were tested extensively by elite racers, whose feedback guided the final wheel setup.

Unprecedented durability

Le Roval Control SL Team wheels they are simply unbeatable in terms of durability and performance. This durability comes from the new carbon spokes and rim shape, which almost completely eliminates the risk of tire pinching, allowing riders to maintain their preferred air pressure with absolute confidence.

For riders looking for the fastest wheels in the world, with the highest level of control, durability and ultra-lightweight performance in an XC race wheelset, the Control SL Team is the ideal choice. This hand-built wheelset will be available only once in extremely limited quantities.

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