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See the tent to mount on the tow hook of your car!

The new Thule Outset tent inaugurates a further step forward in Thule's outdoor category: it is the first tent on the market that can be mounted directly on the tow hook of your car, to guarantee maximum ease of installation and comfort on every adventure.

Mounting the Thule Outset tent on the tow hook of a car is a simple operation that can also be done by yourself: just bring the tent close to the vehicle, hook it to the tow hook, pull a handle downwards to secure it and finally lock it in position. Once you arrive at your destination, opening the tent only takes a few minutes. Once mounted, it can be easily detached from the car for quick trips.

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Thanks to its panoramic windows and large internal space, this tent is perfect for sleeping and spending time alone or with loved ones. The structure is weatherproof, while the soft mattress offers the same comfort as a bed at home. Rigorous testing conducted at the globally recognized Thule Test Center includes extreme rain and wind simulations, as well as crash tests, to ensure maximum safety when sleeping and driving. Additionally, Thule Outset is elevated enough off the ground to provide shelter from mud, insects and uneven terrain, while ensuring easy access for all family members.

Low impact on consumption

Thule Outset marks a further step forward in the brand's solutions designed for the rear of cars. Placing the tent on the back of the car, in fact, means having a lesser impact on fuel consumption or battery life of the vehicle, and at the same time freeing up space on the roof for other equipment, or in the event that the roof of the vehicle cannot support a heavy load.

Pushing the limits

The birth of an innovation often begins with a flash of genius. For Thule Outset, that spark was the desire to revolutionize camping solutions. Henrik Eriksson, Global Design Director at Thule, explains: “We wanted to introduce a completely new way of camping, something that transformed the everyday car into a luxury vehicle for adventure.”

For Thule, design is not limited to aesthetics, but also means creating practical, resistant and reliable products, with strong and harmoniously connected shapes. Hence the characteristics of the Thule Outset tent, its accentuated edges and articulated geometries that communicate solidity but also softness of the interior.

Thule Outset will be available from May 2024 at the recommended price of €4.100,00.

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