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Rockshox Flight Attendant: Answers to the most common questions

FAQ: here is a sort of manual of problems and questions relating to the Rockshox Flight Attendant system.

Do electronic suspensions scare you? Here are the most common questions about the Rockshox system.

What is the difference between adjusting Bias and Adaptive Ride Dynamics in the Flight Attendant system?
The Bias adjustment is carried out by the rider to inform the system and direct its response preferably towards the Open, Lock position or a balance between the two positions, while the Adaptive Ride Dynamics customizes the Bias adjustment depending on of the rider's instant physical commitment.

How do Bias adjustment and Adaptive Ride Dynamics work together in the Flight Attendant system?
Imagine the Bias as if it were the first step of customization: you can adjust the Bias to direct its response preferably towards the Open, Lock position or a balance between the two positions. From this point on, Adaptive Ride Dynamics collects data on the rider's physical effort and uses it to adjust the system in real time depending on what happens during the ride. For example, if you are in the Low Physical Demand Zone, you are probably pedaling slowly and the system will tend to adjust the suspension towards the Open position. If you use greater force and are therefore in the High Engagement Zone or in the Sprint Zone, you will want the suspension to be stiffer and the system will tend to adjust the suspension more towards the Lock position. Everything is based on the initial Bias setting, which will determine
the type of system response in one direction or another.

Rockshox Flight Attendant: Electronic suspension for MTB arrives

How are my Physical Effort Zones determined by the Flight Attendant?
The Flight Attendant learns more and more as you ride, and will be increasingly precise in adapting the response to your riding style, ride after ride. The system records data from your latest rides, and so if you get stronger, the Adaptive Ride Dynamics system updates its status to your condition, all the time.

Can I manually set Flight Attendant Physical Engagement Zones?
Yes. For the best driving experience we recommend that you allow the system to adapt
automatically to your current physical condition, but you can always enter your data with the AXS app if the
recordings of your workouts provide you with precise data.

If someone rides my bike with the Flight Attendant, do my Physical Effort Zones suit this person?
The Flight Attendant records the data of the latest exits made, therefore it will record the data of your friend. Self
this rider pedals in a totally different way than you, which could affect your personal riding experience. There are two ways to prevent this:

  1. Turn off Adaptive Ride Dynamics when someone else pedals your bike.
  2. Take a screenshot of your Physical Effort Zones and manually report them when you get back on your bike.
  3. Perform a reset of your Physical Effort Zones on the SRAM AXS app after your friend pedals the bike, so that the system develops your Physical Effort Zones again.

With Adaptive Ride Dynamics does the Flight Attendant change the suspension setting more frequently?
In most cases the answer is positive. With Adaptive Ride Dynamics the Flight Attendant is more responsive as it is based on the rider's physical effort level, especially with the addition of the Sprint Zone.

What components does Adaptive Ride Dynamics need?
Adaptive Ride Dynamics uses data collected by AXS components. For Adaptive Ride Dynamics it is
An AXS compatible power meter is required. In any case, the more AXS compatible components there are in the system, the more accurate the response of Adaptive Ride Dynamics will be.

Does Adaptive Ride Dynamics work on E-MTBs?
No. At the moment, Adaptive Ride Dynamics is designed for the physical commitment of the rider who uses a bike without pedal assistance, very different from the commitment that develops on E-MTBs.

What determines Adaptive Ride Dynamics Physical Engagement Zones?
Adaptive Ride Dynamics uses the rider's physical effort data developed during pedaling to determine the physical effort curves, developing through these
information on the physical effort zones. The system uses data from your latest rides and therefore adapts to your physical effort throughout the year.

Does the Flight Attendant use artificial intelligence?
The Flight Attendant does not use artificial intelligence but a highly refined algorithm to make decisions based in real time on track conditions and rider preferences.


What are the benefits of using a power meter with the RockShox Flight Attendant?
Adaptive Ride Dynamics cannot function without an AXS compatible power meter. With a
compatible cycle computer, the power meter also offers the opportunity to measure your physical effort during the ride and record everything for later analysis. By merging data on SRAM AXS Web, you can review your physical effort, time spent on each individual gear, and more in the AXS Activity Summary. Understanding the physical commitment can help you plan your training, your choice of gears and how to exploit all your power in the important events of the season.

How important is the pedaling sensor in terms of data?
The pedaling sensor or power meter are a fundamental part of the Flight Attendant system because they collect data to subsequently develop smarter, more personalized and more predictive decisions.
Note: Adaptive Ride Dynamics requires a power meter to work; the Flight Attendant's pedaling sensor does not provide Adaptive Ride Dynamics with the data necessary for its operation.

How can I integrate a power meter into the Flight Attendant if I already have the Flight Attendant system with the pedaling sensor?
First of all you need to make sure that the firmware is updated depending on the suspension you have on your bike:

• Flight Attendant Charger Race Day 2: Version 2.44.6 or later
• Flight Attendant Charger 2.1: 2.44.7 or later
• All Flight Attendant rear shocks:
2.44.6 or later

AXS power meters placed in the axle: The system must be reconnected using the power meter sled instead of the pedaling sensor. On the SRAM AXS app, the Bike Garage section should update the connected components.

For power meters located on the crankset spider: The system must be reconnected again, leaving the pedaling sensor out. The system should go into manual mode. Open the SRAM AXS app and connect the Fork Control Module. The app will show a signal indicating that the pedaling sensor is not connected. Tap “Add pedaling sensor”. Select SRAM/Quarq from the pedaling sensor drop-down menu.
Find and then enter the serial number of the power meter. For further instructions check out the Flight Attendant User Manual and Flight Attendant videos.

Which cycle computers are compatible with the power meter on my Flight Attendant-equipped bike?
ANT+ and/or BLE cycle computers are compatible with SRAM power meters in the crankset axle and spider, and are recommended for Flight Attendant systems. Check with your cycle computer manufacturer to be sure of ANT+/BLE compatibility and power measurement.

Will Flight Attendant integrate with all cycle computers in the future to show suspension data?
There are currently no cycle computers that record or display suspension data, including suspension status.

Does Flight Attendant only work with SRAM/Quarq power meters? Do both types of power meters (in the axle and on the crankset spider) work with the Flight Attendant system?
Yes, the Flight Attendant only works with SRAM/Quarq power meters. Both the model in the axle and the one on the crankset spider work with the Flight Attendant, including the Quarq power meter with 8 screws.

Is it possible to have a personalized riding experience without a power meter?
You can adjust the Bias depending on your driving preferences, but for maximum customization
of the driving experience, Adaptive Ride Dynamics is based on a system that includes the power meter.


Can I purchase the Flight Attendant aftermarket?
Yes, you will be able to choose the individual components that will make up your Flight Attendant kit. To work, the system must include at least the fork, the shock absorber and the Flight pedaling sensor
Attendant. There is currently no version of the Flight Attendant that only uses the fork.

Start with the shock made specifically for the frame, calibrated specifically for the kinematics of your frame, then choose the fork, the pedaling sensor (the Flight Attendant pedaling sensor or a power meter), controllers etc.

RockShox will announce with which frame manufacturers we have confirmed fitment and compatibility of the Flight Attendant. Those who wish to use Flight Attendant products on bikes not confirmed by RockShox do so at the risk of invalidating the warranty conditions and are responsible for damage caused by assembly.

What forks are included in the RockShox Flight Attendant Upgrade Kit?
At the moment the Flight Attendant forks planned are SID Ultimate, SID SL Ultimate, Pike Ultimate, Lyrik Ultimate and ZEB Ultimate.

Can the new SIDLuxe Ultimate Flight Attendant be combined with another Flight Attendant fork such as the Pike Ultimate Flight Attendant?
Yes, if your frame can accommodate a longer travel fork. Numerous 120mm frames on the market can fit 130mm forks for uses more oriented towards trail biking. All Flight Attendant components are designed to work with each other.

Can I upgrade my current RockShox fork with the Flight Attendant?
Only 1 SID or SID SL (D2024) forks can be upgraded to accommodate the new Flight Attendant Control Module and Charger Race Day 2 Flight vAttendant hydraulics.

Can I upgrade my current 1 RockShox SID or SID SL (D2024) with the new Flight Attendant hydraulics?
Yes! You can upgrade your 1 SID or SID SL (D2024) with the Flight Attendant Control Module and hydraulics.
You will need to purchase the SID or SID SL Control Module (depending on your fork) and the new Flight Attendant specific Charger Race Day 2 hydraulics separately. Be sure to purchase the Control Module specific to your fork as the module is programmed specifically for each hydraulic. For further information, consult the spare parts catalogue.

Can I add the Flight Attendant Engine Module to my current SIDLuxe A1 or A2?
No. The SIDLuxe Ultimate Flight Attendant features a special support for the Motor Module that current SIDLuxe shock absorbers do not have.

Can the new Flight Attendant system be mounted on my XC bike?
RockShox will announce which frame manufacturers we have confirmed fitment and related
Flight Attendant compatibility. Those who wish to use Flight Attendant products on bikes not confirmed by RockShox do so at the risk of invalidating the warranty conditions and are responsible for damage caused by assembly.

Can I change the travel of the Flight Attendant fork in the upgrade kit?
Yes! Travel modification kits are available and can be purchased separately.

Does the RockShox Flight Attendant Upgrade Kit include a battery for the power meter/pedaling sensor?
Yes! The power meter/pedaling sensor includes the battery.

Is bike-specific shock mounting hardware included in the upgrade kit?
Yes! All upgrade kits include the hardware needed to mount your rear shock to your frame.

Why is Flight Attendant not available for more bikes?
We work with our OE partners to carry out tests and assembly, particularly regarding
the rear shock absorber. We will add more versions when more bikes with the Flight Attendant are available on the market.

Can I use the Flight Attendant if my bike has a shock absorbing system similar to the one specified in the upgrade kit, even if my bike brand and model are not listed?
We do not recommend it, especially for mounting the rear shock absorber. The rear shock absorbers have been checked for their correct positioning and are calibrated according to the specific kinematics of the chassis. Those who wish to use Flight Attendant products on bikes not confirmed by
RockShox do this at the risk of invalidating the warranty conditions and are responsible for damage caused by assembly.

How do I mount the Flight Attendant pedal sensor into my current SRAM Eagle DUB crankset?
Click here for instructions on mounting your pedal sensor into your SRAM Eagle Dub crankset.

How can I replace my crankset with one equipped with a power meter?
Click here for instructions on mounting a power meter.


How does the Flight Attendant decide the status of suspensions?
The updated Flight Attendant algorithm now uses new data sources that provide the system with a more detailed and broad picture to personalize your driving experience. With more components and more data, the Flight Attendant can make better decisions. When decisions are better, the bike becomes more efficient and you ride faster. The new algorithm collects data as you pedal, learns and works with better precision and accuracy to make the most of your bike's suspension.

Do the fork and shock always change position at the same time or can they be in different positions?
The Flight Attendant implements a “state of separation” when he determines that these are the best positions depending on the terrain and input from the rider. The separated state means that the fork and rear shock are in different suspension positions. During the separated state the fork will never be in a harder position than the shock.

In the SRAM AXS app the Lock position can be deactivated for both the fork and the shock or for the fork only. This will prevent the Flight Attendant from activating the Lock position when pedaling in Auto mode. If the function is activated, the separation state can occur more frequently.

How quickly do the sensors open the hydraulics? And how long does it take to block it?
With the combination of the Flight Attendant's sensors and algorithm, we believe there is more to consider about the Flight Attendant than just speed. In any case, if you look at simple data, the system analyzes terrain and rider inputs and develops suspension position decisions every 5 milliseconds. For reference, the average time for a blink is 300-400 milliseconds; therefore, in the blink of an eye the Flight Attendant made approximately 80 decisions on the state of the suspension based on input from the rider and the terrain.

Does the Flight Attendant learn from my driving style and adjust its behavior?
Yes! The updated, increasingly intelligent Flight Attendant algorithm now includes new data sources that provide the system with a more detailed and broad picture to personalize your driving experience.

How does the algorithm prioritize the different inputs to control the hydraulics so that the best driving experience can be achieved?
The Flight Attendant algorithm is very sophisticated and was developed from the analysis of data recorded over thousands of hours of pedaling. The system analyzes data from all sensors to create a terrain pattern and adjust the suspension depending on the inputs received. The main objective of the Flight Attendant is to adjust the system position to Open when bumps and knocks are registered and then to adjust the
system to respond with superior efficiency when recording the rider's pedal action.

What is the difference between the Flight Attendant and other electronically controlled suspension systems?
• The Flight Attendant understands how you pedal, and for this reason may get to know you better than
how well you know yourself… No other suspension system has this level of customization to match your riding preferences, the terrain you ride on, your riding style and your physical capabilities.
• The Flight Attendant is predictive, he predicts what will happen. Adjusts suspension based on rider and terrain inputs.
• Wireless integration of Flight Attendant components means a cleaner, quieter bike and a better riding experience.
• The Flight Attendant allows three compression positions: Open, Pedal and Lock.
• Firmware updates over time will allow your Flight Attendant system to
learn, offer new features and become even more valuable.
• Being part of the AXS ecosystem means that you can control, customize and verify all AXS components together.
• When the Flight Attendant is part of your crew, you can make the announcement to “Prepare for takeoff”

Will the Flight Attendant make my bike more efficient?
The Flight Attendant's Auto mode is designed to maximize rider efficiency. In Auto mode, the Flight Attendant adapts to the action, adjusting the fork and rear shock between Open, Pedal and Lock positions. By adjusting your suspension to the right position at the right time, Auto mode offers the best response for every pedal stroke, for every
center of gravity variation and makes micro-adjustments directly while pedaling.

Can Flight Attendant components analyze my data to help me become a better rider?
The Flight Attendant uses the data to adjust the damper positions between Open, Pedal and Lock. She does not analyze the data to make recommendations on initial setup or rider performance. In any case, the Flight Attendant has a new function that enables the algorithm to learn to recognize your pedaling style and then be able to continuously customize the suspension: it is Adaptive Ride Dynamics.

This intelligent feature uses data from your latest bike rides to precisely calculate your personalized Workout Zones. The algorithm continuously stores recent data and automatically updates as you ride, throughout the season. As you get stronger, Adaptive Ride Dynamics changes to tailor the response to your new fitness.

Does the Flight Attendant optimize rebound directly on the trail?
The Flight Attendant does not make rebound adjustments; however, rebound can be adjusted manually with the rebound knob at the bottom of the right fork leg or on the shock. From tortoise to hare, the wide range of rebound adjustment offers a concrete response, click after click, to make sure you dial in the suspension well.

Are Flight Attendant components waterproof?
All AXS components are completely waterproof and dustproof according to the international standard IPX7. Initially developed for vehicle manufacturing and the sanitization industry, the IPX7 standard identifies systems that require regular cleaning. For a mountain biker it means that you shouldn't hesitate to go out on your bike in weather conditions that are certainly not ideal.

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Can I connect my Flight Attendant components with the other AXS parts on my bike?
The Flight Attendant is an integral part of the SRAM AXS ecosystem, so all components can and
they should be linked together and organized with the SRAM AXS app by creating a bike profile. In this way the controllers can be adjusted and customized according to the rider's preferences.

How do Flight Attendant components communicate with each other?
Each AXS component is part of the SRAM AXS ecosystem and can connect with others using our proprietary encrypted wireless network.

How does the Flight Attendant interact with the SRAM AXS app?
The Flight Attendant is an integral part of the AXS ecosystem. Use the SRAM AXS app to adjust settings for your entire AXS system, including the Flight Attendant. Control, customize and verify components with the SRAM AXS app, with which you can also see the battery level and download all firmware updates directly with your phone.

Can I verify the functionality of just one component without connecting the entire system?
The system requires coupling for full functionality, but the fork and rear shock can function without coupling.

Does changing sag affect Calibration?
Abundant sag changes require resetting the calibration, but not necessarily quickly (for example, if you're out on the trails). Make sure you perform the Calibration on a flat surface.

Does the Bias adjustment have any effect on the system Calibration?
The Bias adjustment has no effect on the Calibration performed previously.

Is the fine adjustment (Bias Adjust) related to low speed compression (LSC)? Does adjusting the Bias change the LSC? Can I adjust Low Speed ​​Compression (LSC) on my SID Ultimate Flight Attendant, SID SL Ultimate Flight Attendant, or SIDLuxe Ultimate Flight Attendant?
The low-speed compression (LSC) adjustment works independently of the
Flight Attendant mode. This means that changes made to low speed compression (LSC) are retained even if the rider switches between Auto, Manual and Override modes. Fine tuning affects the system as a whole and the frequency of changes between Open, Pedal and Lock positions when Auto mode is selected.

Can I manually adjust or change the Flight Attendant's compression and rebound settings?
Rebound is adjusted manually via the adjuster on the shock and with the knob at the bottom of the right fork leg. Changes can be made whenever you prefer.

Low Speed ​​Compression (LSC) is only available on Pike Ultimate Flight Attendant, Lyrik Ultimate Flight Attendant, ZEB Ultimate Flight Attendant, and Super Deluxe Ultimate Flight Attendant, and can be manually adjusted on the rear shock and fork using the Control Module or with the SRAM AXS app.

Your Flight Attendant system automatically controls the level of your suspension compression across three positions, switching between Open, Pedal and Lock positions when Auto mode is selected. The rider can manually change between these positions using Manual mode.

Can I adjust Low Speed ​​Compression (LSC) on my SID Ultimate Flight Attendant, SID SL Ultimate Flight Attendant, or SIDLuxe Ultimate Flight Attendant?
No, low speed compression can only be adjusted on Flight Attendant trail/trail forks.
all-mountain/enduro. The Charger Race Day 2 hydraulics are designed to be the perfect companion on race days: all you need to do is adjust the air pressure and rebound, then let the Flight Attendant control the suspension position on your place.

Why can't I make changes with the SRAM AXS app?
If the Open, Pedal, or Lock LED is orange, the system is in Override mode, a shortcut to activating your preferred suspension setting. No changes can be made from Override mode. If the LEDs are yellow, the system is in Safe or Search mode, and no changes to the settings can be made.
See the Flight Attendant User Manual for troubleshooting in Safe/Search modes.

What does each LED on my Flight Attendant components indicate?
Control Module LED:
The green LEDs indicate that you are in Auto mode.
Orange LEDs indicate you are in Override mode. The red LEDs indicate that you are in manual mode.
The yellow Open/Pedal/Lock LEDs indicate that you are in Safe mode.
Flashing yellow LEDs back and forth indicate that you are in Search mode.
The magenta LEDs indicate that you are in Bias adjustment mode.
The blue LEDs indicate that you are adjusting the fork's low-speed compression (LSC). (Not available
on SID Ultimate Flight Attendant and SID SL Ultimate Flight Attendant.)
The cyan LEDs indicate that you are adjusting the low-speed compression (LSC) of the rear shock. (Not available on SIDLuxe Ultimate Flight Attendant.)
White LEDs indicate that you are in Calibration mode.

Can I change the air spring volume of my Flight Attendant fork or shock?
Yes! For assembly and disassembly of bottomless tokens, consult the maintenance manual of your fork or rear shock on

Is the Flight Attendant compatible with Transmission, Eagle AXS and Reverb AXS controllers?
Yes! The functionality of all AXS components can be customized through the SRAM AXS app.

Can I use the Flight Attendant without a handlebar-mounted controller?
Yes! In Auto mode, no controller is needed. In Manual mode, you can use either the “+” or “-” Control Module buttons or the two-position left AXS controller to cycle through suspension positions.

Can the Blip Wireless change the Control Module settings?
Not at the moment.

Can the Flight Attendant use data collected from my Reverb AXS dropper post?
Not at the moment, but we are always working on new projects. In any case, if you don't use a RockShox Reverb AXS dropper post, if you want to use the Override mode you need to purchase a left remote control.

Can I use the Flight Attendant on E-MTBs and bikes with Eagle PowerTrain?
Yes, the Flight Attendant is compatible with some E-MTBs (including bikes with Eagle PowerTrain). In any case, at the moment Advanced Ride Dynamics does not work with E-MTBs and bikes with Eagle PowerTrain.

Can I activate Override Mode on my Eagle PowerTrain bicycle?
If your Eagle Powertrain bike is also equipped with a RockShox Reverb, there will be no button available for Override mode.

By using the Flight Attendant on an E-MTB, can I make better use of the battery energy (i.e. longer rides)?
The Flight Attendant improves the efficiency of both the rider and the entire system, so there is no energy wasted. A more composed and efficient rider can pedal through tricky trail sections with greater control and stability, with a smoother cadence.

Can I use the Flight Attendant on a mountain bike not equipped with SRAM components?
Connecting an AXS drivetrain with the Flight Attendant system improves performance, but Flight Attendant components can be used with another drive system. In any case, a RockShox Flight Attendant pedal sensor or SRAM power meter must be connected to the system.


How much battery life should you expect for the fork and shock?
There are numerous variables in the field that can influence battery life for a given rider; in any case we believe that the batteries have an average life of 20-30 hours before needing a recharge. The batteries take about an hour to reach full charge, and with the AXS Four-Place Battery Charger (part number 00.3018.359.000) you can recharge all your AXS batteries in one go.

What type of battery do Flight Attendant components use and what is their lifespan?
• Fork: SRAM AXS rechargeable battery, 20-30 hours
• Rear shock: SRAM AXS rechargeable battery, 30-40 hours
• Pedaling sensor: AAA lithium, 200 hours
• Power meter positioned on the crankset spider: CR2032, 200 hours
• AXS power meter positioned in the axle: AAA lithium, 200 hours
• Controller: CR2032, 200 hours

Can I use AAA alkaline batteries in the pedaling sensor?
No, the use of alkaline batteries in the pedaling sensor or power meter in the axle is NOT allowed. AAA alkaline batteries experience a rapid decline in charge, resulting in low battery messages almost immediately, and are susceptible to corrosion and leaks that can damage electronic circuits. Always use AAA lithium batteries.

What happens if a battery loses power or goes to zero?
Before a SRAM AXS battery (in the fork or rear shock) loses power, the
Safe mode automatically adjusts the suspension to the Open position, so you can get home safely for charging.

If the power meter battery goes to zero, the system switches to Safe mode by changing the
position to Open and begin flashing the yellow LEDs back and forth. The rider can press and hold the Mode button to exit Search mode and enter Manual mode for the remainder of the ride.

If the pedaling sensor battery goes to zero while the SRAM AXS fork and shock batteries still have charge, the rider can select Manual mode to change the response of the fork and shock. If the rider persists in the Auto position, the system will remain in the Open position until the pedaling sensor battery is replaced.

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Can cold temperatures affect the battery life of Flight Attendant components?
RockShox products and SRAM AXS batteries offer optimal performance in the temperature range of 0°C (32°F) to 38°C (100°F). Product performance decreases outside of these two extremes
temperature. We do not recommend use in temperatures below -12° C (10° F) or above 49° C (120° F).

When I transport my bike should I always remove the batteries and replace them with covers?
Long journeys can drain the batteries, so we recommend removing the SRAM batteries
AXS and replace them with the red clips to keep the battery contacts clean. They will also serve as a reminder to replace your batteries before riding.

What happens if I lose or forget a SRAM AXS battery? Can I use a battery to place each component in the Open position?
If you forget a SRAM AXS battery, any component that turns on will go into Safe mode. You can therefore install the same battery in the other component to select Safe mode on that component, if it was not already safe.

Can I replace the battery latch on my Flight Attendant Control Module?
The battery latches are not replaceable.

Are batteries included with the Flight Attendant?
SRAM AXS batteries are included, separate, and must be fully charged before assembly and use. The AXS controller and pedaling sensor batteries are pre-installed, and in any case the pedaling sensor must be activated before connection or use.

How do I know the battery charge of my components?
The AXS component LED indicators, located near the AXS logo, light up when the AXS component button is pressed. The color of the LED indicates the battery charge status: green means full charge, solid red means medium charge, flashing red means low charge level. To check the battery charge status you can also use the SRAM AXS app. For more information on charging the battery, see the Flight Attendant User Manual.

Can the Flight Attendant batteries be interchanged with those of the Reverb AXS seatpost and Eagle rear derailleurs/AXS drivetrain?
Yes! SRAM AXS batteries are compatible with any AXS shifter, seatpost, and Flight Attendant forks and shocks.


How does the Flight Attendant pair?
For connection information, see the Flight Attendant User Manual and Flight Attendant videos.

What do I need to do to set up the Flight Attendant system and go out cycling?
Setup is easy. Connect your AXS components (including the Flight Attendant as part of the AXS ecosystem), adjust air pressure and rebound in both the fork and rear shock, calibrate the Flight Attendant system, and you're ready to ride. The Flight Attendant will remember everything every time you pick up the bike. For more information on setting up and connecting, see the Flight Attendant User Manual and Flight Attendant videos.

How do I tune my suspension with Flight Attendant components?
Once the system is connected (including all AXS components connected into one system), the air spring of the fork and shock must be adjusted while the system is in Manual mode in the Open position. The air spring pressure, which affects System Calibration and suspension performance, is set in the same way as with traditional suspension and must be adjusted before System Calibration. Check the Trailhead app for the starting point for adjusting the air spring and rebound. Once you have adjusted your suspension, the next step is Calibration. Follow the connection, setup and calibration process in the Flight Attendant User Manual or Flight Attendant videos.

If my Flight Attendant Control Module is not responding, what should I do to get it working?
If a Control Module becomes unresponsive during normal use, remove the battery for 10 seconds, then replace it. If removing the battery doesn't solve the problem, fully charge the battery and replace it. For other troubleshooting, see the Flight Attendant Troubleshooting Manual or Flight Attendant User Manual, or contact your local bike shop for assistance.

Can the Flight Attendant help me adjust my suspension?
No. However, for initial suspension adjustments you can use the RockShox Trailhead app or consult the RockShox Suspension Setup and Adjustment Guide. The Flight Attendant in Auto mode will do everything else to ensure the best possible experience on the trails.

Can I carry out maintenance on the fork hydraulics and shock absorber myself? Do I need to remove the Control Modules for suspension maintenance?
Flight Attendant suspension maintenance kits are available for the typical 50 and 200 hour intervals. The
Control Module and Shock Motor Module must be removed before servicing. Consult the
maintenance manual for your product at

Where can I find replacement parts for my Flight Attendant components?
From your SRAM authorized shop or dealer, of course!

What are the factors that limit the possibilities of mounting the Flight Attendant depending on the bikes?
Flight Attendant shocks require more space than non-Flight Attendant shocks. The forks and cranksets/power meters are similar in size to their non-Flight Attendant counterparts.

If the Control Module or Motor Module breaks, can they be replaced?
Yes. Please take your SRAM product and original receipt to a store. The shop will contact SRAM Technical Support for the solution of the problem and for the warranty.

How do you clean the Flight Attendant after an outing?
We recommend cleaning the Flight Attendant components after each ride and checking for dirt or damage. With this action you can help keep the seals and stanchions clean and prolong the magnificent performance of the fork. Clean the components only with soap and water. Rinse carefully with water and let dry.

NOTE: Before cleaning, remove the SRAM batteries and place the red clips into the Flight Attendant Control Module and Rear Shock Motor Module. Do not clean the components with a pressure washer. Do not use acidic or degreasing liquids. Do not immerse or store Flight Attendant components or the AXS controller in cleaning products or liquids. Chemical cleaning products and solvents can damage plastic parts.

Should I behave differently when I have to wash my bike with Flight Attendant components?
While Flight Attendant components are tested to withstand pressure washing and submersion, each component should be treated the same way you treat components with bearings, such as hubs, headsets, or bottom brackets. Therefore avoid directing the water jet directly onto the module seals or into the joining sections between the various parts of the

Before cleaning, be sure to remove the SRAM batteries and position the red clips
in the Fork Control Module, Rear Shock Motor Module, and any other AXS components.


Which RockShox models are part of the Flight Attendant offering?
The forks are as follows: SID Ultimate Flight Attendant, SID SL Ultimate Flight Attendant, Pike Ultimate Flight Attendant, Lyrik Ultimate Flight Attendant and ZEB Ultimate Flight Attendant. The shock absorbers are as follows:
SIDLuxe Ultimate Flight Attendant and Super Deluxe Ultimate Flight Attendant.

Is there a hardtail version of the Flight Attendant?
Not at the moment.

What data about me and my bike does SRAM receive and record?
SRAM only records component data through the SRAM AXS app, if the rider provides permission. Check the privacy policy on the SRAM AXS app: https://www. terms-of-use

Can the SRAM AXS app show me after my ride how much time I spent in each suspension position?
No, suspension data is not currently available on the SRAM AXS app.

Comparing the same bike with or without the Flight Attendant, how much weight does the system add?
With the fork, shock, pedal sensor/power meter, both SRAM AXS batteries, and the weight difference between the one-button and two-button left controller, the system adds approximately 220g for the XC components and 308g for the trail/all-mountain/enduro components.

Can we expect an expansion of air spring technology for set up optimization, such as the integration of ShockWiz?
AXS technology opens the door to endless possibilities for future component integrations to offer greater benefits to riders. It is plausible that we will see additional technologies to further enhance the rider experience, but we cannot comment on any current or future developments.


Written by

[email protected] I am a fan of everything that has 2 wheels: at a young age I practiced road and track cycling (Italian Allievi champion). At the age of 18 I passed into the cross country competing at national/international level as an Under23. Past Elite, I made the choice to take things more lightly from a training point of view, and my love for gravity disciplines was born, training me as an FCI MTB instructor and guide. Now I have made passion my profession by managing 2 MTB centers on the island of Elba (Bike Center Elba and Elba MTB), creating the FANTAmtb and telling in an ironic but professional way everything that revolves around MTB thanks to 365mountainbike and 365TV (YouTube'PULITI dentro BIKER fuori').


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Andreani Group new technical partner of SCOTT Racing Team



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