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Italy Bike Cup Chaoyang: last round for the Masters in Pergine

This Sunday the spotlights will be on Pergine Valsugana, for the third round of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang, the review passes through the Tre Castagni Park offering a clearly different route from those faced in Verona and Albenga, the first two rounds of the 2023 calendar.

italy bike cup chaoyang

The C2 test of Pergine Valsugana rekindles the challenge for the leader jerseys of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang in the competitive categories, it will also be a great opportunity for the master categories that will be played: overall victories, final classification and double FCI scores.

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In Pergine, enthusiasts will find a route with long climbs and spectacular passages inside the bike park.

The big party in Pergine, for the 17th Bruno Alverà Memorial, will be staged on Sunday 26, with a marathon of events for the competitive and amateur categories that will alternate on the Trentino track, already prepared and combed for the occasion.

The challenge for the leadership of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang circuit reopens in the competitive categories, where currently the leader jerseys, signed by Alè, are on the shoulders of: Valentina Corvi, junior female (Trinx Factory Team), Gabriel Borre junior male (KTM Protek Elettrosystem), Tamara Wiedmann, female under23 (Trek Future Racing), Chiara Teocchi female elite (KTM Protek Elettrosystem), Mario Bair, male under23 (Trek Future Racing), Daniele Braidot (CS Carabinieri Vittoria Olympia).

italy bike cup xco

It is not only a challenge between the agonists but also for the amateur categories which with this third race will be able to aspire to the general results of the amateur circuit based on the three races of the Italia Bike Cup Chaoyang for amateurs. The leaders of the amateur categories are: Matteo Piacentini (Elite Sport), Nicola Savi (M1), Simone Pintarelli (M2), Alberto Riva (M3), Ivan Testa (M4), Andrea Artusi (M5), Ignazio Cannas (M6), Claudio Zanoletti (M7), Silvia Lizzi (Master Woman).

The Bruno Alverà Memorial in Pergine Valsugana will be the last chance for the amateur categories to conquer the final classification with the awards that will be held on site at the conclusion of the competitions of the individual categories. An exclusive trophy carved in wood, customized for the event, will be presented to the individual winners, while the top three in the general results of the master categories will be awarded.


Test C2 for agonists but national with double scores for the master categories, which in one occasion will be able to aspire to three objectives: absolute victory, final ranking and precisely doubled scores.

The last few days before the start of the race programme, Saturday 25th the circuit is open for free practice on the track while the official program starts on Sunday from 9.00. Are you ready to attack the track?

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Information: Italy Bike Cup Chaoyang

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