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Forbidden Supernought: Connor Fearon's Belva DH arrives in Italy

High Pivot system with 205mm travel at the rear in Mullet or 29" configuration. Here is the Forbidden Supernought.

Connor fearon forbidden

The Supernought is available in 2 colors: VOL. 4 and White Noise. 4 sizes available. The frames are only available in the mullet configuration, for now…

Source: press release

One Ride

On the Supernought the measurements of the front triangle and rear triangle increase in proportion. Each frame thus presents the driving characteristics foreseen in the design, regardless of size.


Bias Adjust

Straight from the World Cup pits, the Supernought uses modular dropouts, adding an extra level of adjustability. The dropouts are easily interchangeable based on the wheel diameter and allow significant adjustments to the geometry and weight.

The Mullet or 29 wheel configurations and the 0, +10 mm and -10 mm adjustments are made via the modular dropouts. In this way it is possible to customize weight and handling based on your driving style or the type of terrain. The 200mm direct brake mount is included and standard.

V2 Trifecta Suspension Kinematics

The Trifecta V2 platform allows us to fine-tune the kinematics for each Forbidden model. Sensitivity and grip have been improved by optimizing the leverage curve and braking performance for DH.

Thanks to the indications of our Factory Team, the result is a reactive and composed bicycle in any condition.

Frame Kit Technical Specifications


Frame Kit Highlights

Full Custom Plastics
A silent bike is a fast bike. A clean bike is less prone to problems.
We have developed a complete series of custom plastics for the 8-point frame
ensure silent driving and are designed to protect it in the most vulnerable points
to the accumulation of dirt. Fork bumpers and clamp ports securely secure the wiring while eliminating any annoying noise while riding. All frame protectors have been designed to withstand the abuse of DH riding. The rear brake hose passage is external, for quick and easy maintenance.

18T Steel Idler And Next Gen Race guides
The Supernought features an 18-tooth steel chain tensioner, equipped with a solid self-lubricating bearing. The optimized tooth profile and our next generation Race Guide are designed to last over time and limit chain drop.

Sensible Standards
Design and durability. Every detail has been studied and optimized following this philosophy. Bottom bracket with 83 mm center distance and 148 mm Boost rear stop perfect for modern DH cassettes. The 49mm head tube diameter accommodates adjustable headsets. External routing of the brake lines and direct mounting of the 200 mm rear brake.

Supernought frame kits are imported into Italy by Tribe Distribution and available through the network of authorized resellers.
List price of the frame kit: €4299,00 Riders: Connor Fearon
Video: Liam Morgan Max McCulloch Photography: Dave Trumpore

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