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E-BIKE – Bosch presents the new 800wh battery!

Autonomy, flexibility and extra assistance: Bosch eBike Systems presents the new PowerPack 800 Frame, battery guide and battery control.

bosch 800
The new PowerPack 800 Frame provides an energy content of approximately 800 Wh. Since it combines energy density, performance and flexibility, it is perfect for long tours, eCargobikes or Speed-Pedelecs.

Spend long tours in the saddle or organize daily commitments with the eCargobike while being able to recharge at an even lower frequency. Bosch eBike Systems makes this possible with the new PowerPack 800 Frame and new DualBattery combination options.

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The battery guide has been updated and expanded to provide users with new information on the correct and safe handling of batteries and recycling. The battery check is now provided on the Bosch website to offer more security when purchasing used batteries.

PowerPack 800 Frame: great freedom for long journeys
Enjoy more flexibility with the eBike and have as many energy reserves as possible on board: Bosch eBike Systems presents the most powerful eBike battery in its range to date. The new PowerPack 800 Frame provides an energy content of approximately 800 watt hours. Since it combines energy density, performance and flexibility, it is perfect for long tours, heavy eBikes such as eCargobikes or fast S-Pedelecs. The new frame battery combines high capacity and easy handling: the modern cell structure and compact design allow an energy density of approximately 200 Wh/kg to be achieved. The PowerPack 800 weighs approximately 3,9 kg and has the same dimensions as the PowerPack 725. The battery uses the same holder as all other Bosch chassis batteries in the intelligent system and therefore offers maximum flexibility when changing the battery. So eBikers can easily choose a smaller, lighter battery for shorter tours or carry a spare battery for additional autonomy. 

DualBattery in the intelligent system: battery combinations for maximum energy and autonomy
To enable additional autonomy for heavy loads, long journeys or extended tours, Bosch eBike Systems introduces new DualBattery combination possibilities for the intelligent system. Now, for example, you can combine PowerTube with another PowerTube. The PowerPack Frame batteries of the intelligent system are also now compatible with each other. For example, the PowerPack 800 Frame can be used as a DualBattery, reaching a maximum possible battery capacity of 1.600 Wh. This combination allows you to reach extreme ranges of up to 300 km1. All combination possibilities are identifiable , promising. Particularly practical detail: DualBattery can work at any time even with just one battery. For example, a battery can be left at home if a shorter tour is planned and the eBike needs to weigh a little less.     


Safety and recycling are the priority: the updated guide to batteries
Bosch eBike Systems places particular emphasis on the safety and long life of its lithium-ion batteries. In addition to high-quality hardware, correct battery management is also decisive. Therefore a revised version of the is presented battery guide. It contains comprehensive and clearly presented information on all eBike batteries, covers topics such as technical basics and functionality and provides eBikers with useful tips on winter operation as well as correct storage and care for a long battery life.

The new battery check provides transparency when purchasing used eBikes or batteries
As an additional service, Bosch eBike Systems provides the battery check, a useful tool that provides users with important safety information when purchasing used eBikes or batteries. The battery check allows online verification of a battery via the serial number on the Bosch website if it was purchased, for example, on an internet portal or another secondary market platform. Thus it can be determined whether the battery used is reported in the Bosch database as already open or even defective. This can help to prevent risks and, for example, to avoid buying an improperly opened battery in individual cases.

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