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DJI RS 4 Pro and DJI Focus Pro: new technologies on the way

DJI PRO features next-generation tools that offer quick setup, intuitive operation, seamless integration and extended focus control.

DJI RS 4, DJI RS 4 Pro and DJI Focus Pro provide advanced features for videographers.

Source: press release

DJI, a world leader in civilian drone manufacturing and creative imaging technology, presents today three cutting-edge products that revolutionize the landscape of filming and content creation. The agile stabilizer DJI RS4, which redefines vertical shooting with efficiency and optimized stabilization performance, allowing videographers to capture grandiose scenes with ease. The stabilizer DJI RS4 Pro, which integrates seamlessly with the DJI PRO ecosystem, offering a solution that combines stabilization, transmission, tracking, focus and control to enhance creativity. In the end, DJI Focus Pro, the industry's first independent AMF (automated manual focus) lens control system, ushering in a new era in collaborative focus control, providing videographers with a reliable tool to realize their creative vision easily and precisely .

"This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Ronin series. The ever-changing needs of content creators are always our priority in product development“, says Paul Pan, Senior Product Line Manager at DJI. “With the new DJI RS 4 and RS 4 Pro stabilizers, we have integrated feedback gathered from industry professionals over the past decade to drive innovation, optimizing stabilizer design, stabilization and control for these next-generation tools that deliver efficiency and unparalleled reliability. Additionally, DJI Focus Pro, our new automated manual focus lens control system, represents a significant step forward by bringing cutting-edge LiDAR technology, once exclusive to the DJI PRO ecosystem, to more creators of contents".

DJI RS 4: Control the narrative

Powerful stabilization

DJI RS 4 offers exceptional load-bearing capacity, with a lightweight body capable of carrying up to 3kg of mirrorless camera and traditional lens combinations, for comfortable handling and robust power. With a tilt axis extended by 8,5 mm compared to its predecessor, the RS 4 offers an even larger balance space, capable of accommodating additional accessories such as ND filters, to improve creative possibilities. Featuring a fourth-generation stabilization algorithm meticulously optimized for various scenarios, the RS 4 strikes a fine balance between stabilization power and camera movement to ensure excellent performance and a better user experience. Paired with the high-capacity battery grip, it offers approximately 2,5 times more battery life, ensuring uninterrupted shooting sessions to capture incredible scenes with ease.

It also offers greater stability when shooting vertically, easily stabilizing dynamic scenes such as running or low-angle shots.

Efficient quick start

DJI RS 4 offers second-generation native vertical shooting with a redesigned horizontal stabilizer plate for flawless transitions to vertical shooting, improving efficiency in video creation. Improved automated axis locks allow for quick startup, transitions and memory, with stabilizer vibrations minimized. With a Teflon™ coating on all three axes, the RS 4 offers more consistent balance, while the precision tuning knob offers precise adjustments when changing cameras or lenses. Additionally, the automatic screen lock feature on the OLED touchscreen prevents accidental touches and saves battery power.

In support of professional creativity

Designed to enhance solo content production with pro-level features borrowed from the DJI PRO line, DJI RS 4 delivers superior performance and efficiency. Featuring wireless control via Bluetooth, the RS 4 allows you to control the camera shutter and lens zoom remotely via Dual-Mode Bluetooth technology, which offers high-quality pairing to cameras for easy reconnection. When paired with the DJI Focus Pro Motor RS 4 it allows you to adjust the focus and zoom of the lens, optimizing control of the lens at a 30% higher motor speed. The new Joystick Mode Switch allows you to quickly switch between joystick modes for zoom or stabilizer control, further improving the user experience and efficiency on set. The customizable trigger button function offers FPV mode for dynamic shooting perspectives, while the stabilizer mode switch allows you to quickly switch between modes to adapt to various shooting needs. Also included are smart features like Motionlapse, Tracking, and Panorama, giving content creators versatile shooting capabilities.

Ecosystem of reliable accessories

DJI RS 4 features an RSA communication port that improves connectivity with accessories such as the DJI RS Control Grip and third-party products[6], allowing flexible configurations for custom shooting systems based on your creative needs. With the DJI RS SDK protocol, third-party developers can customize functions for the RS 4 model, expanding its versatility for various shooting requirements. Additionally, the RS 4 is compatible with the new BG70 High Capacity Battery Grip, which extends battery life to 29,5 hours[7] with a charging time of 2,5 hours[8] and supports power delivery to cameras and accessories via USB-C. For integrated shooting experiences, RS 4 supports the DJI Ronin Image Transmitter, offering high-definition live feeds and remote control capabilities. Enriched with a broad ecosystem of accessories, including the RS BG30 Battery Grip and the RS Focus Motor, RS 4 offers videographers advanced functionality and seamless integration for solo productions and small crews.


Thanks to the reliable carbon fiber design, DJI RS 4 Pro offers an incredible 4,5 kg load capacity, ideal for mirrorless camera and traditional film camera setups. With a Teflon™ coating with double roller bearings on the roll axis and a fine adjustment knob on the tilt axis, the RS 4 Pro ensures smooth and precise adjustments at the millimeter level. Advanced features also include second-generation native vertical shooting capability, an auto-locking OLED touchscreen, and improved axis locks to reduce stabilizer shake, increasing efficiency and performance for videographers.

Superb stability, exceptional standards‌

With an increase of 20%[9] of motor torque on all axes for power with improved redundancy, RS 4 Pro ensures precise and responsive tracking even with heavy cameras and accessories. With the addition of car mount mode, the stabilizer optimizes the algorithm for vehicle shooting, ensuring stable footage in the presence of vibrations. Paired with the fourth generation RS stabilization algorithm, RS 4 Pro offers an excellent balance between durability and tactile sensitivity, offering exceptional stabilization performance and stability in dynamic scenes.

‌Master of versatility

DJI RS 4 Pro revolutionizes solo filmmaking with cutting-edge features designed to deliver shooting efficiency. Thanks to the DJI Focus Pro LiDAR autofocus system, which includes Focus Pro LiDAR and Focus Pro Motor, videographers can take advantage of the precise autofocus offered by LiDAR, improving control in dynamic shooting scenarios. Thanks to 76.800 distance points, 77% more than the previous model, RS 4 Pro improves edge detection of human subjects and effectively reduces focus hunting. The stabilizer also offers a maximum focusing distance of 20m for human subjects, approximately three times greater than that of the previous generation [5]. Additionally, next-generation ActiveTrack Pro uses advanced AI algorithms and LiDAR technology to ensure reliable subject tracking, even in challenging conditions. Dual Focus and Zoom motors, combined with DJI Focus Pro Motor, provide native and precise control of the lens.

The remote control system enables flawless collaborative shooting thanks to stabilizer operation and intelligent remote focus assist. In collaborative team shooting, the gimbal operator can control the RS 4 Pro via devices such as DJI Master Wheels, DJI Ronin 4D Grips, and the DJI High-Brightness Remote Monitor. The focus operator can also enable Waveform LiDAR on the High Brightness Remote Monitor for intelligent focus assistance,‌ allowing for more precise control via the manual drive for Focus Pro. When it comes to capturing complex motionlapses , precisely track subjects or explore scenic landscapes, DJI RS 4 Pro allows videographers to realize their vision with confidence.

Extended battery life for exceptional performance

The DJI RS BG70 High Capacity Battery Grip boosts the performance of the RS 4 Pro by adding extended battery life of up to 29 hours. Equipped with fast PD charging capability, it can offer full fast charging in as little as 2,5 hours, ensuring uninterrupted shooting sessions. Additionally, the grip supports powering cameras and accessories up to 18 watts via the USB-C port, providing exceptional versatility and convenience for extended shooting sessions.

Advanced ecosystem

DJI RS 4 Pro introduces an advanced control ecosystem, enhancing features for DJI PRO line productions. Thanks to seamless integration with the DJI Focus Pro lens control system, videographers have access to complete control over focus, aperture and zoom. Thanks to the DJI Focus Pro LiDAR to DJI Transmission Cable Station, it is possible to obtain a configuration with perfectly integrated power. DJI RS 4 Pro can power Focus Pro LiDAR and Video Transmitter for DJI simultaneously. This not only simplifies setup but also improves efficiency during shooting sessions, ensuring seamless communication and transmission of high-quality footage. The RS 4 Pro also supports various portable configurations and professional solutions via the DJI RS SDK protocol, enabling innovative solutions for car mounts, booms, Steadicams, cable cameras and sleds, to offer versatile and efficient creative workflows for videographers .

DJI Focus Pro: extraordinary focusing

LiDAR focusing, now accessible to everyone‌‌

DJI Focus Pro is DJI's first standalone LiDAR focusing system available to all videographers, allowing a broad user base to explore creative focusing possibilities. The all-new DJI Focus Pro Grip offers exceptional versatility with a 2,5-hour system power source, intuitive visual operations, automatic calibration and data memory for 15 lenses, as well as Bluetooth connectivity to easily start/stop recording. impeccable. The Handle, equipped with a color touchscreen, allows operators to adjust LiDAR and engine parameters and features a real-time view from the LiDAR's perspective, ensuring complete awareness during use.‌‌

With advanced features such as an extended human subject focusing distance of 20 meters, approximately three times longer than that of the previous generation, and an extremely wide 70° focusing field of view, the LiDAR system offers more precise and stable focusing with wider coverage. Featuring 76.800 range points and a 30Hz refresh rate, the enhanced LiDAR improves contour detection of humans while minimizing focus hunting, for reliable in-focus images even in fast-moving situations. Focus Pro's advanced autofocus features, including subject recognition and AF tracking, adjustable focus speed, and selectable focus area modes, give users easier control over focusing in various shooting situations. The modular design of the Focus Pro system, which includes the LiDAR, Motor, Grip and Hand Drive modules, offers flexibility for both independent projects and more advanced productions, offering maximum focusing freedom in various ensemble shooting scenarios diverse user base.

AMF, human-machine collaboration‌‌

DJI Focus Pro revolutionizes focus control with the innovative AMF mode, available in both Hand Drive and Grip, setting a new standard for human-machine collaboration. Featuring AMF Focus Transition and AMF Focus Lock, DJI Focus Pro provides tactile feedback and millisecond-level switching between manual and auto focus to meet diverse creative needs and ensure seamless technology integration and human intuition. Additionally, DJI Focus Pro LiDAR offers videographers intuitive spatial understanding through the use of Waveform LiDAR as a focusing aid, improving the ability to capture scenes accurately.

FIZ control of the lens‌, to master the scene‌‌

The FIZ Magnetic Damper Hand Unit revolutionizes focus, aperture and zoom control for focusing technicians, improving teamwork efficiency in capturing complex scenes with ease. With continuous real-time damping coefficient adjustment and electronic AB point marking mode, the Focus Pro Hand Unit ensures precision and convenience in focus control, while offering a communication distance of 160m, for respond to shooting needs in complex environments. Equipped with Bluetooth start/stop recording function, it facilitates wireless control with mirrorless cameras. The paired FIZ motor offers significantly improved performance, with 30% higher motor speed, 10ms low latency and three-level adjustable torque, ensuring smoother operation and versatile opportunities for cinematic creativity. The motor, compatible with 15mm rods, offers multiple mounting options. Completing the unit is the Magnetic Shock Grip, which offers a seamless transition between focus and zoom control, with adjustable damping feedback for a better tactile experience. With intuitive knob operation and customizable rotation ranges, videographers can perform dynamic lens operations effortlessly.

Perfect interconnectivity

DJI Focus Pro, a new addition to the DJI PRO ecosystem, can work seamlessly with other DJI PRO products to offer operators a top-level experience in every scenario, with efficiency and precision.

  • ‌Professional all-in-one filming for vehicles: ‌with the lightweight vehicle camera solution from the DJI PRO ecosystem, operators will experience a seamlessly integrated experience of stabilization, tracking and dual-channel control of gimbal and focus.‌‌
  • Serious creativity, intelligent assistance‌‌: In complex scenarios, Focus Pro's AMF mode allows focus operators to step in and take control of focus at any time based on LiDAR autofocus.
  • ‌Ronin 4D Collaborative Lens Control‌: In multi-operator collaborative scenarios, this solution allows the main operator to control the composition using Ronin 4D, while the focus operator can use the Focus Pro Hand Unit together with the High Brightness Remote Monitor for coordinated shooting .‌‌

Price and availability

DJI RS4 is available for purchase at DJI Store Italia ( and at the best DJI product retailers, with two purchase options available:

DJI RS 4 in single version, at a suggested retail price of €559, which includes Stabilizer, Grip with BG21 battery, USB-C charging cable, Lens attachment support, Extendable handle/Tripod (plastic), Release plate quick, multi-camera control cable and a screw kit.

DJI RS 4 in Combo version, at a suggested retail price of €729, which includes Handle Grip, Focus Pro Motor, Focus Pro Motor Pole Mounting Kit, Lens Timing Belt, a second Multicamera Control Cable and a carrying case. Full details are available at

DJI RS4 Pro will be available for purchase from today at DJI Store Italia ( and at the best DJI product retailers with two purchase options available:

DJI Focus Pro All-In-One Combo

DJI RS 4 Pro in single version, on sale at a suggested retail price of €879, which includes Stabilizer, BG30 Grip battery grip, USB-C charging cable, Lens attachment support (extended), Extendable handle/tripod (metal), Quick release plate, Handle grip, Multi-camera control cable, Screw kit and carrying case. DJI RS 4 Pro Combo version, on sale at a suggested retail price of €1.109, which includes a Ronin Image Transmitter, Focus Pro Motor, Focus Pro Motor Pole Mounting Kit, Lens Timing Belt, Smartphone Holder , Lower quick release plate (extended) and additional cables. Full details are available at

DJI Focus Pro will be available from mid-May for purchase at DJI Store Italia ( and at the best DJI product retailers with two purchase options available.

DJI Focus Pro Creator Combo, on sale at a suggested retail price of €899, which includes DJI Focus Pro LiDAR, DJI Focus Pro Grip, DJI Focus Pro Motor and DJI Focus Pro carrying case.

DJI Focus Pro All-In-One Combo, on sale at a suggested retail price of €1.649, which also includes an additional DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit.

The DJI Focus Pro LiDAR Standalone Units, DJI Focus Pro Grip, DJI Focus Pro Motor, and DJI Focus Pro Hand Unit will be available for purchase separately and are on sale for a suggested retail price of €619, €319, €139 and €819, respectively. Full details are available at

DJI Care Refresh

DJI Care Refresh is a comprehensive protection plan for DJI products and is now available for both DJI RS 4 and DJI RS 4 Pro. Accidental damage is covered under the replacement service, including natural wear and tear, impact and water damage . For a small additional cost, users will be able to replace the product if it becomes damaged.

DJI Care Refresh (1 Year Plan) includes up to 2 replacements in 1 year. DJI Care Refresh (2-year plan) includes up to 4 replacements over 2 years. Other DJI Care Refresh services include official warranty, international warranty service and free shipping. Full details are available at

Information on camera and lens compatibility can be found here:

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