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BH iLynx+ SL: the new lightweight e-MTB from BH Bikes

The BH e-MTB range expands with the arrival of the BH iLynx+ SL. The model starts from a dedicated frame to reduce weight without sacrificing power thanks to the Shimano EP801 motor and a battery capacity of up to 810 Wh.

The BH iLynx+ SL was designed to achieve the most competitive weight possible without losing dynamic properties on the trails. All the carbon technology that BH uses in its lightest frames is applied, including the manufacturing process HCIM (Hollow Core Internal Molding) to obtain a perfect finish of the frame (both internal and external) and apply the right material in each area. The iLynx+ SL uses carbon Ballistic Carbon Layup, which gives the frame great impact resistance, an essential quality in trail and enduro segment bicycles.

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The end result is a frame of 2,1 kg and bikes weighing just 18,8 kg with 630 Wh batteries. Lightness is a strong point of the BH iLynx+ SL frame, but it is not the only one.

La stiffness it was a fundamental pillar in its design, seeking the optimal point between solidity and flexion to obtain a bicycle that is precise and comfortable at the same time. For this reason, in addition to the carbon configuration, technologies already implemented in other BH models were used. The oversized main pivot axle and 100% carbon connecting rods provide high rigidity at the union between the front and rear triangles. The complete integration of the battery in the down tube also allows weight and rigidity to be optimized and, overall, all these improvements translate into greater precision in trajectories on all types of terrain. In the same line we opt for the use of a Super Boost rear axle which allows us to create stiffer wheels and gain space for the rear wheel while maintaining short chainstays.

The aesthetic line is clean, elegant and minimalist. Closer to traditional models than ever. There is also completely internal wiring combined with the Acros direction lock system to avoid damaging the frame in the event of a fall. The seat post locking is also totally integrated into the lines of the frame.

Limitless power

The new BH iLynx+ SL is equipped with the Shimano EP801 engine with all its power, which means counting on 85 Nm of maximum torque, now exploitable in a wider range of cadences. The EP801 engine is known for its low friction, smoothness in its power delivery and sporty driving sensations.

The enormous customization possibilities through the application E-Tube they allow each user to adapt the engine to their driving style, conditions and the type of route they want to tackle. To facilitate the user experience, BH has created two pre-configured profiles with which to tackle any route. The Full Power profile is designed to obtain maximum engine power, thanks to its 85 Nm torque and its gradual delivery that accompanies pedaling, guaranteeing fun both uphill and downhill. The Endurance profile reduces engine output and is designed for those marathon days when greater autonomy is sought to complete routes of greater distance and difference in altitude.

The system is operated by the minimalist EN600L remote control in combination with Shimano's EN600 display. Thanks to this combination it is possible to know all the driving data and change between the Full Power and Endurance profiles on the fly.

A lightweight ebike does not have to do without a high-capacity battery. The new BH iLynx+ SL has a battery by 810 Wh in all its models. The highest energy density on the market was obtained in the battery thanks to the 21700 Ah 5,8 cells. In this way, in the same space and with the same weight, it has 17% more capacity than previous models.

For both the built-in battery and the Xpro extender, BH uses its own Double Discharge technology so that both batteries operate together, having all the engine power available regardless of the charge level. The XPro requires no external cables and plugs directly into the second bottle cage, allowing you to use another bottle at the same time.

Two excursions for two versions: Trail and Enduro

The frame and geometry of the BH iLynx+ SL were designed to offer two rear travel options resulting in two families of bicycles with different approaches. The Trail version features 140 mm of excursion, while the Enduro version offers 160 mm.

The recognized system Split Pivot is responsible for managing the operation of the suspension. It is characterized by its great absorption capacity with progressive operation, its independence from braking and its pedaling efficiency, which is a fundamental point in electric bicycles.

BH has been applying the concepts of progressive geometry and has a lot of experience in this regard. Depending on the version, the steering angle ranges from 65º to 66º and the chainstays are just 440 mm. Added to this package is a vertical head angle and a wide reach to combine a good pedaling position with total control of the bike.

7 montages in total

In the BH iLynx+ SL Trail family, 4 different mountings are available starting from €6.999. The lightest version weighs just 18,9kg and all models are equipped with Fox Float 36 forks and Fox Float X shocks.

In the Enduro version, 3 mountings are available, starting from €6.999. They are equipped with Fox Float 38 forks and Fox Float X or DHX2 shocks depending on the model. All iLynx+ SLs are equipped with an 810 Wh battery, with the exception of the two entry-level models.

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