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Bad coup by Pinarello: 250 thousand euros worth of bikes stolen

The thieves, who were filmed by video surveillance cameras, took possession of high-end models worth several hundred thousand euros.

Fausto Pinarello

The theft, probably the work of a gang from Eastern Europe, occurred on Thursday 23 November in the shop on Viale della Repubblica.

Source: TrevisoToday

Perhaps a "commando" from Eastern Europe, where the trade in stolen bikes seems to be very flourishing, would be the author of the theft of around twenty high-end bicycles which occurred on Thursday 23 November at the "Bottega di Pinarello", on the border between the municipalities of Treviso and Villorba.

pinarello shop
The PInarello shop in Treviso

The loot was estimated at around 250 thousand euros. The thieves would have taken action twice, 20 euros apart, using the same anti-panic opening. The first "visit" took place at 3 in the morning on Thursday when the "commando" arrived with a van at the back of the shop, which is located at number 12 of Viale della Repubblica. The criminals, as reported by the "Tribuna di Treviso", would have cut the fence and would have headed towards the panic door of the workshop, going into action despite the cutting-edge video surveillance system with which Pinarello is equipped, which would have immortalized them.

All we have to do is hire an armed guard to guard the factory. Two thefts in less than 24 hours, despite the alarm, cameras and armored doors, are unheard of", Fausto Pinarello, as back Il Gazzettino.

According to what emerged from the analysis of the footage acquired by the investigators, the perpetrators were three hooded men with gloves on their hands so as not to leave fingerprints. In just 3 minutes they manage to steal 12 bicycles worth 150.000 euros. When the police arrived at the scene of the van with the commando there was no trace and the owners had no choice but to assess the damage.

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