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ANCMA – Greater attention to the bicycle sector

With a video manifesto, Confindustria Ancma asks for more attention to the two-wheel sector and in particular to bicycles, while the new highway code is being discussed in the Chamber's Transport Committee.

Paolo Magri ANCMA

“E-bikes, bicycles and new challenges: what the sector is asking for to unleash its potential” is the title of the short film lasting over eight minutes in which entrepreneurs talk about the value of the cycle sector in Italy, the needs and future developments and they ask politicians and institutions for a commitment to cycle paths, the safety of cyclists, the valorisation of cycle tourism and a transition "from the logic of incentives for purchase to that of incentives for use", recalling the European Parliament's recommendation to lower VAT on bikes and products from the supply chain.

For the first time in the history of the association, a single video has the ambition of establishing itself as a sort of contemporary manifesto of the cycle supply chain. Naturally there are contributions from only some of our members, but every single interview collectively represents a very relevant national production fabric in Europe, driving force for the country and made up of around 250 companies and 3 billion in turnover, where tradition, excellence, recognisability in the world, innovation and for which we ask for attention and protection – president of ANCMA Paolo Magri

On the revision of the Highway Code, Magri explained that he appreciated Minister Salvini's statements on the exclusion of the proposal to introduce compulsory insurance, license plate, helmet and indicators for bicycles and hoped "a greater subsidiary commitment from the Government to allow companies in the sector to unleash their full potential".

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