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LEATT: The science behind Head and Brain protection

Leatt explains the 360° "turbine" technology that provides 3-in-1 protection and reinforces the brand's commitment to greater safety.

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Leatt's '360° Turbine' technology it is a patented safety design. Made from an energy-absorbing material, the pads placed inside the helmet improve rider safety by reducing both the low-impact energy associated with concussion and rotational acceleration of the brain.

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Our safety goals have been very high during the development of our helmets, beyond what was previously available to motorcyclists. With the '360° Turbine' technology, we have protection against the 3 main causes of head and brain injuries, and this technology is present in all our helmets – dr. Chris Leatt.

The combination of these two aspects of protection is unique in our patented system. If we take into account the shockproof foam of the helmet, we get a real 3-in-1 safety solution – dr. Chris Leatt.

How do Leatt helmets fight forces?

  • Anti-rotation protection with '360° Turbine' technology
    o Optimally designed turbine discs allow the helmet to move slightly on the head upon impact, reducing peak acceleration to the head and brain.
  • Reduced impact protection thanks to '360° Turbine' technology
    o Special energy-absorbing material in the pad absorbs the low-impact energy associated with concussion.
  • High impact protection with shock absorbing foam
    o Helmet impact foam liner absorbs high impact energy.

Leatt guarantees that every helmet produced includes the '360° Turbine' technology, a testament
dedication to biker safety.

leatt security

Technology developed and perfected in the Leatt Lab

The Leatt Lab is a state-of-the-art, custom-built research and development facility. It is made up of a dedicated team of a doctor, biomedical engineers and product designers driven by one mission: to create the safest and most effective protective gear for bikers.

The development of 360° Turbine Technology is the result of rigorous testing and innovations that take place in the Leatt Lab. Every aspect of the technology, from the unique energy-absorbing material and its geometry to the strategic placement of the turbines, is studied and tested .

To ensure optimal performance, the helmets are subjected to a variety of impact scenarios that mimic real-world riding conditions. These comprehensive tests ensure that the '360° Turbine' technology offers excellent protection in various crash situations and provides fantastic safety for the rider. For verification purposes, third-party laboratories are also used to test the performance of Leatt products.

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