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VIDEO – Kilian Bron sensational video in North America

With Cross Countries Kilian Bron presents his latest Tour on the most beautiful trails in North America. From the roots of mountain biking, to the United States, through the forests of Canada and the rocky slabs of British Columbia, the wonders follow one another.

kilian bron time commencal video

Riding his Commencal TEMPO, our all-new trail bike designed to be ultra-efficient and deliver the ultimate feel as you transition from trail to trail. From Steep Chutes in Sedona, Squamish Jurassic Five, Bikelife in NYC, Train Gap in Pemberton, Slickrock in Moab to the Ridgeline in Honolulu… Kilian comes full circle crossing a series of countries on his bike (Cross Countries), the best way to move on to a new chapter in his life as a rider, with video formats redesigned to immerse you more and more in his unusual adventures.

I don't define myself as an enduro racer, a downhill racer or a freerider. I'm simply a mountain biker who expresses himself with his favorite medium. The one with which I can venture anywhere and in all places. In this case crossing the United States and part of Canada, with my very personal vision of the Trail riding… which here turns into Cross Countries! – Kilian BRON

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I am an explorer, since I was a child I have always been a wild nature lover, I climbed everywhere, as soon as I touched my first bmx I realized that I loved pedaling and I have continued to do so ever since, I love being in contact with nature and discovering new paths and landscapes with the help of the MTB as a means to reach them, I am part of the ElbaMTB crew based in Lacona on the Island of Elba, where we manage an E-Bike rental and plan MTB tours throughout the island.


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