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The YAMAHA e-bikes are here for sale online and from dealers

"Now we are here too", this is the message of Yamaha which enters the e-bike world thanks to the Switch ON project with direct sales and producing branded engine and frame (1st brand in the world).

yamaha david finetto (3)
Committed to trying the Moro last May - credit: Giuseppe Giuliano - @giuseppegiuliano_wok

It may surprise you to learn that Yamaha started the world's first production of e-bikes 30 years ago. Indeed, Yamaha has been making e-bikes for the Japanese market for three decadesas well as supplying the motors that power many of the e-bikes sold in Europe. We were invited by Yamaha Motor Europe NV Italian branch in Lesmo (Monza Brianza), with the collaboration of Bike Connection Agency, for an event in the company with 3 bike changes in one day: e-mtb (Moro 07), e- urban (CrossCore RC) and e-gravel (Wabash RT). These are the first 3 models dedicated to the Italian market.

Of course, the visit to the Yamaha Factory Racing (motorcycle) and to the room dedicated to Valentino Rossi with all its historical liveries. Lots of history and memories, like the room dedicated to the 3 times 500cc world champion Wayne Rainey.


The message is clear: Yamaha enters the e-bike world cautiously but with very clear ideas about the coming years, that is, to become one of the leaders in the sector. At the moment the range does not include top of the range, this in order not to enter the technical biker niche but to justify investments and align itself with its audience, made up of motorcyclists and normal customers who use the e-bike for fun. In the coming years there will also be development on the top of the range. These are the words of Simone Curti, coordinator of the e-bike world for Yamaha.

yamaha experience milan (6)
Simone Curti – credits: Giuseppe Giuliano @giuseppegiuliano_wok


The day started at the new Yamaha MTB camp: still embryonic track but with lots of room for improvement. Between a TikToker falling on his face and an industry journalist dressed in 2 K-Ways after 2 drops of rain, the day began at the Camp where we were able to ride with the new Yamaha Moro 07.

The geometry is not for a modern bike but as a manageable and playful bike suitable for an audience that doesn't make downhill and enduro its focal point: 27,5″ format with the exclusive Dual Twin frame, designed to offer excellent stiffness and comfort. The motor unit can only be Yamaha's PW-X3, snappy and precise.



Small excursus on our daily experience: after riding the e-mtb model on the track inside the Yamaha headquarters, we took the CrossCore RC (e-urban) and went into the middle of the Monza Park, riding in full "tourist style" trip". Relaxed and relaxed atmosphere with the epilogue at the Cathedral of Monza, where we took a few photos before making a sudden change of bike (e-gravel Wabash) at the Al Campo restaurant, place to stop for a quick lunch.


Here is one of the innovations of the Yamaha concept: the brand does not want to delegate sales, distribution and assistance to distributors, but decides to follow the same philosophy as the motorcycle department: the product can be picked up at the dealership. But, compared to the world of motorcycles, the fact of being able also adds buy directly online and receive your bike at home: pre-assembled and with various help tutorials, in line with other online bike brands.

The dealership, through updates that have already begun some time ago, will provide assistance and the supply of components and materials. For the first year, there will be 72 dealers who have responded positively to all Yamaha requirements and will be able to sell and service Yamaha e-bikes. The number will be destined to grow. The order of the models will arrive at the headquarters whether it will be placed online or from the dealership.

The other bike brands will be raising their ears because Yamaha is not joking: engine, frame and internal company sales. It's only the beginning.


  • YAMAHA Moro 07 – €4.699,00
  • YAMAHA Wabash RT – €4.699,00
  • YAMAHA CrossCore RC – €2.499,00
  • YAMAHA Booster – €3.699,00


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