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The route of the 4enduro final in Val Vigezzo has been revealed

The national enduro season ends on 23 and 24 September with the final stage of the 4 enduro and the Italian enduro series which will take place in Val Vigezzo.

4 special stages for a partly new route, which alongside the historic Colma di Craveggia PSs, offers two new entries in the special rides.

Departure and arrival near Santa Maria Maggiore, the race will begin with Black Snake, which had already received a lot of praise last season.

A glimpse of Colma do Craveggia from which PS 1 and PS4 will depart

We then go in the direction of Malesco for the first new product for 2023, the Belvedere; a short and fast Special Stage that will show another face of Val Vigezzo. Following the longest climb of the day, which will take the riders to Alpe Cortino and from there to the third PS, Hit, that we presented to you a few months ago.

Val Vigezzo Bikeland
The Coritino Alp through which you will pass to go to PS 3

To end with one of the most iconic descents of the Vigezzo plain, the Vietcong, which with its mix of physicality and technical traits, will be the perfect conclusion to this exciting competition.

A high-level season finale that will welcome riders on this last weekend of September.


Written by Mountain bike travel editor and expert. Chiropractor and personal trainer, for years following some of the strongest national interpreters of enduro mtb.


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