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New BH iLynx+: more powerful, lighter and with high autonomy

The BH iLynx+ with the new Shimano EP801 engine, the high modulus carbon fiber frame allows you to maintain a weight of less than 20 kg.


Maximum power thanks to the Shimano EP801 motor and high autonomy with the 720 Wh maximum battery capacity.

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The development of the BH iLynx+ was based on the goal of creating a lightweight ebike without sacrificing engine power. The new Shimano EP801 motor, providing 85Nm of torque and boosting power output up to 600W, provided the perfect solution. In addition, improvements have been made to the cooling, so that optimal performance is maintained even in the most severe conditions. The new remote control integrates minimally into the handlebar and allows you to change the assistance mode, select the preconfigured profiles and view the battery level using the LED system.


It also allows connection to Garmin devices, in order to obtain more information during the journey. Thanks to the E-Tube Project Cyclist application, it is possible to customize the assistance methods in detail, adapting them to your ideal riding style.

The reduced weight does not necessarily imply a decrease in autonomy: for this reason, the BH iLynx+ mounts an internal 540 Wh battery, expandable up to 720 Wh thanks to the XPro extender and can be installed simply and without tools in correspondence with the second bottle cage. allowing the bottle to be positioned on the down tube. The main battery is removable, allowing charging off the bike or directly from the charging port integrated into the main axle of the suspension system. The design follows the 3CP concept, with three points of contact with the frame preventing any internal movement.

A frame full of details

The BH iLynx+ is based on a design designed to tackle any type of terrain, with a clear orientation towards more demanding modalities such as trail and enduro. The consequent drive to seek a combination of lightness and strength has led to the creation of a carbon frame. The development has drawn from the experience gained in recent years in the construction of racing frames, integrating the Hollow Core Internal Molding construction process. The entire frame, including the (now more compact and integrated) system link, is manufactured with the so-called "Ballistic Carbon Layup", which boasts high impact resistance. The result is a weight of just 2.450 grams.

Integration has been a focal point in the development of the new BH iLynx+. In addition to the internal wiring, all elements of the suspension system are designed in a stylized way and perfectly follow the lines of the frame. The seat post locking system fits into the upper tube, giving the design a clean and essential character. Another prominent element is the use of the BlockLock by Acros system, which limits handlebar rotation to 120° to avoid damage to the frame in the event of a fall or excessively sharp steering.

The BH iLynx+ uses an oversized main suspension axle in order to guarantee a better degree of torsional rigidity, an essential aspect for an e-MTB specifically designed to satisfy the most demanding riders. The frame also takes advantage of the size of the Super Boost rear axle, whose wider width allows for the creation of stronger wheels and leaves plenty of room for the use of 2,5″ tyres.

BH iLynx +, two excursion options for a double character

Starting with the frame itself, two collections of BH iLynx+ were presented. The Trail range boasts 140 mm of travel, which rises to 160 mm in the Enduro range. Both versions include the Split Pivot suspension system, characterized by the exceptional ability to provide an active and effective rear suspension even when subjected to braking force and fully independent pedalling.

The geometry of both models is inspired by the conventional Lynx range, favoring the balance between dynamism, control and safety on descents.

BH iLynx+ range

The BH iLynx+ range includes 6 different models, 3 for the Enduro series and 3 for the Trail series. All versions can be customized through the BH Unique program. The BH iLynx+ is available starting at €7.699.

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