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Enduro World Cup: Relaunch or Costs Too High?

Since this year Discovery Sports has been trying to raise the level of MTB but this is leading to high costs which are putting various off-road teams into crisis, especially in the Enduro world.


The latest news concerns Katy Winton, Devinci and Team Ibis: while Team Ibis and Devinci declare the closure of the Enduro competitive department, the British girl expresses her concerns about the future.


We are at the end of the road for this World Cup season and this will also mark the end of @ibisracing as we know it…

It has been a privilege to be a platform to help athletes grow and give them the opportunity to chase their dreams! After numerous podiums, overall team wins and world-class driver development, it's time to say goodbye. At least for now. We couldn't have done any of this without all of you guys, so a huge thank you to our supporters, sponsors, drivers and staff both past and present. It was an absolute honor and we hope to get back to the races with all of you at some point! – IBIS

Katy Winton

This time of year is uncertain for most cyclists, however, what is more disturbing is how uncertain it is for so many teams, resulting in even more cyclists struggling to secure their futures. @gtfactoryracing was as open and honest as possible with me telling me that there are changes ahead for them.

For me, however, this may be the last EDR race of my full-time riding career. There are so many runners still in this position. This stark reality comes at a difficult time for the industry and, consequently, for EDR racing globally. The golden age of covid bike sales is over and now we have a complete lack of purchases… things are not going well.

I don't know what the future holds for me. I'm working on it. I feel like my best is yet to come, but I am evaluating all my options, but above all I will give everything for the last race this weekend. I am so grateful to @gtfactoryracing and all of our team partners for supporting me during the most difficult time of my life, and for believing and supporting me in rebuilding myself to the point of falling more in love with riding and a much healthier relationship and happy with the races. Grateful to be here, grateful for this journey. What will be will be, long live the bike – Katy Winton


Mountain bike racing has always had a strong resonance in our roots here at Devinci. It's easy to say that each of us is a strong racing fan. We have been part of the Enduro World Series and what it has become since the early days and, as the sport has evolved, so has Devinci. The last few months at Devinci have been full of incredible stories, new products, a new brand identity, with new values ​​and a new vision – Devinci

devinci global racing

After careful consideration, in line with our evolving vision, we have decided not to field a team for the 2024 Enduro World Cup. This decision was not taken lightly and reflects a shift in our focus towards different aspects of our brand and the mountain biking community.

Our commitment to the sport of mountain biking remains unwavering and we will always continue to support riders, ambassadors, grassroots racing and the mountain biking community at large in a variety of ways. This includes our commitment to producing bikes here in Canada that allow cyclists of all levels to satisfy their thirst for freedom.

Even though we won't be competing in the Enduro World Cup in 2024, we're really excited about the future and the opportunities it holds, including a major announcement coming in just a few weeks. We look forward to continuing to share our “We Make Riders” vision and exciting future developments.

We want to express our gratitude to the riders, fans and partners who have supported us throughout our journey in the Enduro World Series and Enduro World Cup. Your passion and dedication for this sport will continue to inspire us – Devinci

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