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Paris 2024 Olympics route: Here's what Mirko Celestino thinks

Olympic dress rehearsals for Mirko Celestino's national team: "A smooth and fun path by all accounts, it's important to try it to start studying it"

loana lecomte france
Loana Lecomte - Credits Equipe France

Yesterday's MTB Test Event in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines ended with two top 15 Italians, a circuit that will host the Olympic MTB trials in less than a year, on the artificial hill of Elancourt.


Source: Federciclismo press release

General Olympic trials therefore for Mirko Celestino's National Giada Specia.

Credits Equipe France

An important race beyond the result, as coach Celestino explains: "On paper it was a test for the organizers, but it was also a test for us who were able to study the route together with the athletes who will compete for the chance to participate in the Games Paris". And about the route he adds: “It's almost entirely artificial, made up of different and very challenging sections, with rocks, passages over logs and various drops. It is a complete and flowing route, with well-trodden terrain despite being practically new and fun, according to all the athletes. Now that we have started to get to know him, we will be able to refine the work in an even more specific way."

On yesterday's races: “They went reasonably well, even if we had a bit of bad luck. In the men's race Luca Braidot was always close to the top five, then he had a puncture halfway through the last lap, losing position and leaving the small group that then arrived in the sprint. He probably wouldn't have had the leg to fight for the victory, but he would have brought home a good placing." Sixteenth final place for the blue, behind teammate Juri Zanotti. The CT continues: “In the women's race, Martina Berta was unable to maintain the top positions until the finish line, she struggled in the last stage and was also overtaken by Giada Specia, who ultimately finished eleventh with an excellent performance for a young athlete which gives us hope."

Now head to the next events, which are fundamental for collecting points for the Olympic ranking, where Italy currently plays in the highest positions: third place for men, seventh for women. “The team is already leaving for America, where the next two stages of the World Cup will take place. I hope they confirm the condition seen this weekend and bring home more points: it is essential to be among the top 7 nations, those that will have the opportunity to race with two athletes per category in the Olympic trials" concludes Celestino.

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